RECRUITING: Michigan running back down to three

Saginaw, Mich. running back Jerome Jackson says he's down to three schools after Michigan visit


JH: How was your visit to Michigan?

JJ: "It was pretty nice. I am pretty tired right now. I knew a little about the program, but it was pretty much an eye opener for me. I knew bits-and-pieces about Michigan, but on the trip a learned a lot more about Michigan."

JH: Did the trip enhance your thoughts on Michigan?

JJ: "Head Coach Lloyd Carr and the assistant really stressed what it means to go to Michigan if you live in Michigan. They talked about what a degree from Michigan can do for an individual. I really didn't know how strong a Michigan degree was and that opened my eyes a little bit. He also pointed out what getting a degree from Michigan could do for a player from Michigan. That was some pretty strong stuff that I learned there."

JH: What is your visit schedule from this point?

JJ: "I don't think I am going to take another visit."

JH: What is your recruiting situation right now?

JJ: "I just need to sit down and talk to my parents and my older brother and make my decision after Christmas vacation. I am still trying to decide between Purdue, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Michigan and Michigan State. I am having a very tough time deciding right now."

JH: Where does Oklahoma really stand at this point?

JJ: "Let me put it like this... I had the best time at Purdue, Oklahoma and Michigan, and I feel they are the best schools I am looking at. It has really come down to those three and you could say they are leading right now. I really have to sit down and separate the differences between the three schools and how I can fit in at each school."

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