RECRUITING: Georgia RB facing tough decision

Georgia running back Jason Evans talks about the positives and negatives of his final three


JH: What statistics did you wind with?

JE: "I ended up with 1,200 yards rushing, 438 yards receiving and 15 total touchdowns. I also returned kickoffs and I averaged around 40 yards per return."

JH: How is recruiting going?

JE: "Recruiting is going pretty good and I am close to narrowing things down. I have the Penn State, Oklahoma and the Stanford coaches all coming this week. Coach Gundy will be in on Wednesday. This will be my first time to visit with Coach Gundy in my home. Stanford's head coach and the running back coach are coming on Friday and the Penn State running back coach is coming tomorrow."

JH: Is this decision getting hard?

JE: "It is getting a whole lot harder to make a decision because it is so important for my whole life. My parents are helping me out a whole lot and they are a big help. Eventually they will let me make my own decision and they will stick behind me."

JH: What is your situation with Penn State?

JE: "I am still committed to Penn State and things still look great up there. The other schools that I am looking at are just as good as Penn State and they have just as much to offer. I just continue to look to see if there is a better opportunity for me."

JH: Where does OU stand in all of this?

JE: "They only have three running backs next year and that is a great opportunity for me to go there and help them. I think it is important for me to play as a freshman, or at least know that I have a chance to play as a freshman. It wouldn't kill me to redshirt, but I certainly want the opportunity to play as a freshman."

JH: What about Stanford?

JE: "You can't knock the education standard that you get from Stanford. I would to there and be no worse than the number three running back at Sanford right away and that would be a great situation for me."

JH: Of the three schools, which school has the best offense to fit your talents?

JE: "I think in the past it has been Oklahoma or Stanford, but Penn State's offense is evolving in that they use a back out of the backfield to catch passes and they try to get him into open space. However, OU did that incredibly well for Griffin this year and Stanford has always used their running backs in that way. So, OU and Stanford are still the best style for me, but Penn State is adapting."
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