RECRUITING: Stoops visits top Texas LB

Lewisville, Texas linebacker Lewis Baker talks about his in-home visit with OU and trip to Notre Dame

LEWIS BAKER, LB, 6'3, 210, 4.5, HEBRON, TEXAS:

JH: Are you watching the Miami-Chicago game tonight? Ricky Williams is playing great, how would you tackle Ricky Williams?

LB: "I would go for his chin and knock him out."

JH: How was your visit to Notre Dame?

LB: "It was awesome, but it was cold. The women also didn't look that good. No, I am kidding. However, the program is so great that I don't see how anybody can turn them down. I am going to take all five of my visits and compare the schools against each other. Notre Dame will be tough for anybody to beat, but that could happen. Notre Dame is going to get their recruits. They brought in 13 recruits this weekend and over half of them are playing in the U.S. Army all-star game. So they will get their recruits. I am playing in that game also. They may or may not get me, but I am going to think about it."

JH: What is next with your recruiting?

LB: "I go to OU this weekend coming up. I am looking forward to it and I hope that I have a good time. They came to my home tonight. Coach (Bob) Stoops, Coach (Brent) Venables and Coach (Cale) Gundy were all here. It was pretty cool that they were here the first day back from their Big 12 Championship game against Colorado. It was cool that they would come so early to see me. They told me that I was their top guy and that they would hold out for me if they had to. They told me how well I would fit into their program. I am looking forward to my visit to OU this weekend."

JH: What is the rest of your schedule?

LB: "I am going to visit Georgia Tech in January and Vanderbilt (1-17). LSU is recruiting me real hard, but I don't think I will visit there."

JH: You just had the OU coaching staff in your home and that has to be unique, so could you explain what kind of influence coaches in your have on your decision?

LB: The reason that I picked the visits I have is because of the people involved. The programs are pretty even, so the coaches and players will play a big part in my decision. I want to be around good Christian guys who play together and hang together. Coach Stoops is a very class guy and that always shows through. I went to the Iowa State game and was in the locker room when he was talking to the team and he told them they just beat a great quarterback and praised that quarterback. He was very humble and classy at the same time. All of the coaches I am dealing with are great guys. I am thinking about taking my final visit to Texas A&M because I hear that Coach Franchione is a great guy and I might want to check that out."

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