Musil in the Midst of Playoff Run

Oklahoma commitment Marshall Musil had planned a visit for the Nebraska game, but an undefeated season and a playoff run forced him to change up his plans…

Marshall Musil, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound athlete from LaCrosse High in Kansas was hoping to come down to OU for an official visit, but his team was still in the playoff race.

"We had playoffs, so we had like two practices that weekend, so I could not make it down there," Musil explained.

Musil was in attendance for OU's win over the Kansas Jayhawks in a game that had a lot riding on it for a Kansas prepster.

"It was fun. I liked watching my home team get beat, because all of the fans (KU) at LaCrosse would every now then walk by me and tell me how the Sooners were going to get beat," Musil said with a laugh.

"But we had none of that!

At the same time he is still proud of what KU has accomplished the past couple pf years.

"I am really proud of them and that they have really stepped it up the last couple of years."

Musil has not yet set up his a new date for his return visit.

"We haven't yet, so I need to talk to Coach Wilson and I am sure it will be pretty soon."

Musil has been a big part of LaCrosse's 2008 success. He has rushed for over 1,200 yards and 21 touchdowns and also collected over 450 receiving yards and scored six touchdowns.

On defense Musil has racked up 85 tackles, two sacks, and two interceptions.

"I have been playing good," Musil admitted. "We have one of the best offenses in our state, so we are a pretty good team."

"I am playing some at tailback, fullback, and wide receiver, but we do not throw the ball a whole lot. I am middle linebacker on defense.

Musil could always add some depth on the defensive side of the ball, but right now he is under the impression that his future will be with the OU offense.

"They have been recruiting me as an H-Back."

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