It's All Upstairs…

Oklahoma kicker Jimmy Stevens has had his fair share of problems kicking the ball in 2008, but he believes that it is all mental...

The comparisons are always made between kicking a field goal and playing golf.

When first thinking about the comparison you can't help but visual hitting the perfect wedge shot on to the green.

It seems easy to think about it, but actually doing it is a different beast altogether.

It is safe to say that OU kicker Jimmy Stevens' has struggled some with his ‘shot' in 2008.

"It is definitely mentally hard," Stevens explained. "That is one thing that I have struggled with this year is probably my mental aspect of the game, and I am trying to get better with that."

"I talking to my girlfriend last night about it and I said maybe I need to talk to a sports psychologist about it. I mean that might be a little thing I look in to this week or next week."

Stevens' is 4-for-7 on his field goal attempts. He has also missed four extra points this year, but he has made 68-of-72 giving him a 94% success rate on his point after attempts.

The OU offense has marched in the red-zone 56 times in 2008 and they have scored 50 touchdowns.

A remarkable stat, unless you are the field goal kicker…

"This year I have been kind of fortunate – unfortunate if you want to say about not kicking a lot, or that the offense is scoring a lot – but I am not getting a lot of opportunities. That could be a reason, I guess, but I just got to be better."

"There is pressure in practice, but there is nothing like a game experience."

"I have been hitting the ball pretty well in practice," Stevens continued. "I just think that in the game sometimes I try to hard or I just change little things instead of standing by my regular routine and trusting myself."

Steven's season hit a new level of concern on Saturday at Texas A&M when he and Cordero Moore had a little back and forth on the sidelines after he missed a 30-yard field goal.

After the tussle back-up kicker Matt Moreland would be called on to attempt the next field goal, a 42-yarder, which he too would miss.

"It was just a little high emotions," Stevens explained of the altercation. "We made up and everything's fine. Everything is cool."

"Matt is a great kicker. A coach has got to do what he has got to do. We have got to make kicks and I have not been doing that."

Stevens would sort of redeem himself by making his next kick, a 42-yarder, right before halftime. A kick that he believed had a whole lot riding on it.

"I was pretty nervous on that," Stevens stated. "If I make this it is all good, but if I miss - it is probably my season."

"Sometimes I almost think I kick better under pressure."

Extra Point: Stevens will be getting some pressure the rest of his career at OU. Red-shirt freshman kicker Tress Way has got a nice leg and the ‘talk' is that he has been doing great in practice; hitting his kicks on about a 90 percent clip. He could also be a great kick-off man. He usually boomed kicks completely out of the end zone in his days with the Union Redskins. The decision was made on the behalf of both parties that he would red-shirt in 2008 and it was decision that everyone wants to honor unless an injury forces a move.

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