OU Fan's Bye Week TV Guide

I am sure many Sooner fans are taking advantage of the bye week by catching up on the "Honey Do" list, but because of the BCS and their points system the real die-hards will be on the couch watching game after to game see how the end game could play out...

Every Sooner fan in the country wants to see the Sooners finish with two regular season wins and go on to the Big 12 and National Championship Games.

While that is a very real possibility the Sooners still need some help for that to happen. With the bye-week OU fans will be able to tune in and root for some of the chips to fall their way…

Friday (7:00pm):

Louisville (5-4) Vs. No. 22 Cincinnati (7-2)


What it means: The "Keg of Nails" is the biggest game on the schedule for these two programs and this year's version may mean even more. Louisville has won nine out of the last 10 games in the rivalry, but the Bearcats are in a three-way tie at the top of the Big East standings and are battling for a birth in a BCS Bowl Game.

How to root: OU fans are obviously be going to rooting for the Bearcats in this one. If the Bearcats can win out then that is going to only make the Sooner's strength of schedule even stronger. If the Sooners win out and still do not make the Big 12 Championship Game then there could still be a chance for them to get in if Texas is defeated. The more bonus points they can get over a SEC team or USC the better.

Saturday (11:30am):

Kansas (6-4) Vs. No. 3 Texas (9-1)


What it means: Texas needs to win out and needs OU to beat Texas Tech to even have a chance at winning the Big 12 south. Kansas still has an outside shot of winning the Big 12 North, but they cannot afford another set-back in conference play.

How to root: Do I really have to tell OU fans to root against Texas???

Saturday (11:30am):

Auburn (5-5) Vs. No. 10 Georgia (8-2)


What it means: Georgia has slim hopes of a BCS bowl game, but a loss would certainly eliminate them from that all together. The Tigers need to beat UGA to become bowl eligible.

How to root: Root for Auburn here. If a team Georgia beats is vying with OU for the title bid then a victory over a Top 10 team like the Bulldogs would boost their points even more. A loss would most likely keep the Dawgs out of the BCS' final top ten.

Saturday (6:45pm):

Mississippi State (3-6) Vs. No. 1 Alabama (10-0)


What it means: This game is all about pride for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, as they do not have much left to play for. With a loss they have no hopes of becoming bowl eligible. The Tide is playing for a chance all of the marbles every week from here on out.

How to root: This one could get sticky. If UT loses earlier in the day then maybe OU fans start dreaming of a possible Tide/Sooner match-up in the BCS Title Game. It is likely that the Horns pull out the win, so Sooner fans should at least be rooting that MSU can keep the game close and make Bama look bad in front of a national TV audience.

Saturday (7:00pm):

Colorado (5-5) Vs. No. 13 Oklahoma State (8-2)


What it means: Colorado needs a win to get bowl eligible and the Pokes need to win to keep the possibility of playing in a New Years bowl alive.

How to root: It was an easy call to root against Texas, but since the Buffs are not even on the OU schedule it only makes sense that all of the OU fans should be pulling for the Cowboys.

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