RECRUITING: New Orleans DE sets visit to Norman

New Orleans, La. defensive end Vegas Franklin talks about his leaders and in-home visit with OU


JH: How did your season go?

VF: "I felt like I had a pretty good year. I didn't have as many sacks as I had last year, but I felt I had a real good all-around year. I had 14 1⁄2 sacks last year and this season I had around 10. But to be honest, our coach didn't tell us much about our stats. I will try to get them from our coach."

JH: What was your team's record?

VF: "We finished up at 8-3 and lost in the first round of the playoffs."

JH: Are you being recruited more as a defensive end or outside linebacker?

VF: "Most schools are recruiting me at defensive end, but some at outside linebacker as well. I want to rush the passer so which ever positions that I can do that the best is where I want to play."

JH: How is recruiting going?

VF: "It is going pretty good. This week I have talked to Oklahoma, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Tennessee and Tulane. All six schools have been by to see me this week."

JH: You told me before we started the interview that OU assistant coach Bobby Jack Wright is recruiting you, what do you think of the legendary OU assistant coach?

VF: "He was pretty cool and I like him. He seemed like he was an honest man. I told him that I am going to visit Oklahoma on December 20th."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

VF: "No, sir I don't. I will visit all of the schools I mentioned except for Tulane. I went to LSU last weekend. I will go to Florida State (1-10), Tennessee (1-17) and Miami (1-24)."

JH: What did you think of LSU?

VF: "I liked it, all the coaches were cool. I like the academic center and the players were fantastic. The visit gave me some other things to think about when it comes to LSU."

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