Five Questions: Oklahoma Vs. Texas Tech

The biggest game of the year will go down in Norman, Okla. this weekend when the Sooners face off against the undefeated Texas Tech Red Raiders. In this feature we take a look at some of the big questions heading in to the game…

1. Will the home crowd be a factor?

This has been the talk of the week as OU head coach Bob Stoops has basically put the ball in the fan's court.

"That's something that you would hope would happen," Stoops said when asked about the crowd. "Hopefully our crowd will take an active interest in this game. They're a no-huddle team. They do a lot of communicating at the line of scrimmage. The louder you are and more difficult you make it can influence the game."

"I really do hope our people will take an interest in not just cheering when we're going into the end zone. But actively cheering and making noise when they're trying to communicate and hopefully take away something that they're trying to do."

2. Will Sam Bradford or Graham Harrell win the Heisman with a winning performance?

These two quarterbacks are clearly the front-runners for the award heading in to the game, so it would only make common sense that the player who wins the game will take the lead for college football's most prestigious post-season award.

Both Bradford and Harrell have been extremely efficient and have put up gaudy numbers. Harrell has thrown for more yards, but Bradford has almost stayed step for step with him and scored two more touchdowns on less attempts.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out…

3. Can the OU defense slow down Tech? Can the Tech defense slow down OU?

The OU defense leads the Big 12 in most statistical categories. The Sooners are tops in the conference by only allowing 346 yards per game. That shows you how powerful the conference is in 2008 offensively.

Slowing down Tech will be no easy task as it averages 47.9 points and 566.3 yards per game.

The Tech defense is right behind OU in total defense as it allows 351 yards per game, but it will be s tiff test to slow down Oklahoma's fast paced offense.

OU has already played in seven games where it has collected over 500 yards of total offense and they have 12 scoring drives in 2008 under 60 seconds.

4. Will OU's not so special, special teams units cost them a possible shot at the Title?

People have been saying all year that OU's sloppy kick-off coverage could cost them in a major way. Throw in the fact that Jimmy Stevens is struggling with his field goal kicking, Matt Moreland is struggling with his kick-ff distance, and Mike Knall is struggling with his punting.

This game could come down to the wire, so there is no wonder that many OU fans are stressing about what could happen if Tech is receiving a kick down a few points towards the end of the game, or if the game and a shot at the national title rests on the leg of the field goal kicker.

"It will be the same guys. Just hopefully they will be better," Stoops stated.

5. Will OU jump Texas in the BCS with a win?

That is the biggest question. OU could win this game and still be left out of the Big 12 Championship game if it does not pass Texas in the BCS.

The Sooners are probably playing as well as anyone in the country, but the straight up loss to the Horns on a neutral field could play the biggest role in the pollsters minds.

That being said it usually comes down to how you are playing late. If OU wins out then they should have as good as shot as anybody to get a birth in to the Big 12 title game.

If the Sooners do surpass Texas in the BCS then they should be looking pretty to make a run at the national title with wins against Oklahoma State and Missouri.

"If we're able to win then you know what the discussions are," Stoops admitted. "If Tech is able to win, then there's no argument there either. So, in the end, there's a lot to discuss after that game on Saturday, then we have another one with Oklahoma State."

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