Post-Visit Report: Rueben Randle's five-star wide receiver Rueben Randle surprised a few folks when he decided to take an official visit to Oklahoma to watch the Sooners take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders. While the odds say he will pick a school in the south like LSU or Alabama, the Sooners seemed to make an impression.

You might have more luck finding the secret formula to turning the economy around than getting a true insight into where's #2 nationally rated wide receiver is headed next season, but we were able to get a few comments from Rueben Randle Sr, Rueben's father.

"We are on our way back from the Oklahoma/Texas Tech game," stated the diplomatic Rueben Randle Sr. "It is a long drive, but we wanted to take it as a family so we could see what it would be like if Rueben were to attend Oklahoma."

Was this an official or unofficial visit?

"It was an official visit. We stayed up there for the weekend."

How did the visit go?

"It went fine, real well. We were impressed with the whole program. We had never been there before, so it was all new to us. Actually, we were pretty much impressed with all of it."

What stood out the most about Oklahoma?

"It was all about equal. It was just not one thing that stood out. We were impressed with the staff. They were all very friendly. The atmosphere was great. Their academic staff was wonderful and informative. The facilities were outstanding. Everything we saw at Oklahoma was first class."

Have anymore official visits been set up?

"We do not have anymore visits set up yet."

Who are the main colleges that are in the picture?

"I do not know. You take your pick. There are quite a few of them."

Any idea on the colleges that Rueben might be interested in visiting?

"We have not even discussed that yet. We have not talked about it, and will not until the end of his senior season."

Word has persisted that Randle has some serious interest in the University of Alabama. What stands out about the Tide?

"Nothing really interest me about Alabama. It is his decision, but Rueben wants to go somewhere where he can play quickly, and someone who can get him to the next level. That is basically what this is all about."

What about LSU?

"He has never said anything about LSU to me. We have not talked about any of the schools yet but Oklahoma, and that is because we just got through visiting them. We will take a look at all of those schools you mentioned when the season is over. All of the SEC schools are wanting him to visit. You name one, Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, all of them. It takes a lot of time and energy finding a right fit, and Rueben needs to devote that time to Bastrop and his academics. When his season is over, we will shift the focus to some of these schools, but right now we are trying to win a fourth straight championship. That is our goal right now."

Rueben was moved to quarterback before the season was started due to the graduation of their Parade All-American QB, Randall Mackey.

"Rueben knew well in advance that he was moving to quarterback once Randall left. Rueben was actually the QB in 9th grade before Randall took over. He has had a lot of fun playing QB this year. I do not know what his total stats are but they are pretty good."

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