Gresham's Big Night

With their backs against the wall it was Jermaine Gresham and Sam Bradford who helped lead the Sooners to a big win on the road over the 12th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys. Sooners Illustrated caught up with Gresham after the game for his reaction…

Jermaine Gresham had a huge night in Oklahoma's 61-41 Bedlam win over Oklahoma State.

"I was there a couple of times and he (Sam Bradford) went through the progressions and made the reads and I made some plays," the humble Gresham said of his big night.

"I had a drop out there, but I made some plays."

He pulled down nine catches for 158 yards and two touchdowns, but the play of the day came in the third quarter when he snagged a 73-yard TD pass that was deflected off of Manuel Johnson's finger tips.

"It was a combination route," Gresham explained. "It tipped off of Manny and I just went to the end-zone with it. It was basically perfect, so it was very fortunate."

Gresham admits that he was in the right place at the right time, but there may have also been a little "Sooner Magic" in the air.

"It was just a variation of everything that happened. I got lucky I got a tip and it just happened like that, so I was lucky."

"I will take anything that I can get. I am glad I got it, so I will roll with it."

Gresham's TD catch may have been the play of the night, but he believes that the team really got fired up when they saw their quarterback sacrificing himself to try and get a score at the end of the third quarter.

"He is a great quarterback and a great leader. If Sam is in to it then everybody has got to be in to it," Gresham said of the 'helicopter' play. "He is the emotional leader of the team."

The Sooners are in the thick of the National Title hunt, but big number 18 is not ready to make any predictions on where the team will finish in the BCS.

"We have no idea," Gresham responded when asked if they did enough to be ranked in the top two. "We don't think too much about it because we do not know how it works."

"Hopefully we will be the number two team when it is all said and done and we will play for the Championship. I think it is (enough) to be honest, but it is up to the pollsters."

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