Stoops: "One of us has to go"

Because of their second place ranking in the BCS Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners are going to play in the Big 12 Championship game against Missouri next weekend. He met with the media to discuss all of the issues that surrounded their birth in the game.

"We are obviously excited to be representing the south and competing in the Big 12 Championship game against an excellent Missouri team," Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops explained during an impromptu press conference that was held at the Kerr-McGee stadium club this afternoon.

"The odd thing was having to wait until today to find out what you accomplished, but I think the way our guys played in the last couple of games and beating the number two team in the country by 44 points and going on the road and beating the number 11 ranked team in the country made the difference, fortunately."

"I am proud of our players and coaches for the way that they worked to put us in that position."

Stoops is happy to be playing in his seventh Big 12 title game, but he knows there are some hard feelings in Lubbock and Austin.

"I know that Texas Tech and Texas are probably disappointed about the situation. All three of us are co-champion or tri-champion or however you want to do it. Each of us have identical records in the conference and one of us has to go."

"None of us put the system together. That's the way it is. Everyone wants to talk about head to head competition well then Texas Tech is every bit as disappointed as Texas is. Just a couple of weeks ago they head-to-head beat Texas and just a couple of weeks later we beat them (Tech) by 44 points. They have as a legitimate beef as everyone else does."

"We are excited to be in the situation, and again I can understand that Tech and Texas the way they feel can't be good, but in the end it is the whole body work for the year and how you played down the stretch," Stoops continued. "I feel the way we have played down the stretch has been incredible. We have played well and put ourselves in this situation."

"The schedule probably - I am sure - made a difference as well. I have argued for a long time that the strength of schedule should make a difference. We are real glad that we did play those tough teams. There are whole lot of teams that I would rather play then TCU and Cincinnati."

Stoops reiterated how proud he was of his players and that they would get a chance to represent the state of Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship and quite possibly the National Championship.

"I am excited about the opportunity and proud of our team," Stoops beamed. "We are really focused on how good Missouri is and how well we will have to play to go up there and win."

"In the end there is a lot that has been said over the last week from a lot of people, but fortunately the way everyone else saw it and the way we played overall we earned it."

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