RECRUITING: Gatewood says it's a three team race

Tyler, Texas receiver Tyrell Gatewood talks about recruiting and his recent visit to Texas


JH: How did your recruiting trip to Texas go?

TG: "It went real good because all the players are real cool. All the players are very nice and they were very much like family."

JH: Was that your first visit to the University of Texas?

TG: "I went to their spring game."

JH: Did your visit to Texas enhance your feeling about Texas or change your perception of Texas?

TG: "Yes sir. It just made me feel that I could fit in up there. At some places the white and black players hang out in different areas, but up there at Texas everybody hangs out together."

JH: How do you feel you can fit in with the Texas offense?

TG: "I feel like I can fit in pretty well because I love to catch the deep ball and the deep passes and they throw those kind of passes a lot."

JH: What is your recruiting situation right now?

TG: "It is very difficult right now, because it is a hard decision to make. I am going to take my last two visits to OU (12-20) and Texas A&M (1-10) and then make my decision. I am going to chose between those three schools. I have been to Texas A&M quite a bit, but I am looking forward to seeing OU because I have never been to Norman before."

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