RECRUITING: Houston LB returns from Austin

The latest on Houston, Texas linebacker Robert Killebrew's visit to Texas and thoughts on OU


JH: You visited Texas this weekend, which was your second visit of the year correct?

RK: "This was the second visit for me. I took my first visit to UCLA."

JH: What did you think of your visit to Texas?

RK: "I enjoyed it and they showed me a real good time."

JH: Since you have been to Texas quite a bit, did your official visit to Texas chance your thinking or enhance your thinking of Texas?

RK: "Overall the visit enhanced what I think about Texas. I did see and learn some things about Texas that I didn't know before. I learned some things about the college that I didn't know when I was taking unofficial visits there by myself. I feel I got out of the visit what I was looking for."

JH: How do Texas and UCLA stack up?

RK: "It's is hard to compare the visit to Texas and UCLA because my relationship with the coaches at UCLA has greatly changed since they were fired. Based on that fact I would say that Texas would have to be considered ahead."

JH: Would you consider Texas your leader?

RK: "I don't know, because I want to take my other visits and see how everything stacks up."

JH: You are visiting Oklahoma this weekend isn't that correct?

RK: "I go to Oklahoma this weekend and then to Florida on January 10. I am really looking forward to my visit to Oklahoma. They have a class program and have a great defensive team."

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