Williams: "I am pretty solid on staying"

Oklahoma junior offensive lineman Trent Williams has had a huge year in the trenches and his play has been lauded by the OU coaching staff all season long. He played so well that he may now have the option of heading to the NFL. SI asked him about it as well as the upcoming match-up with the Gators.

Trent Williams may not get as many accolades or post-season awards as some of his line mates at the University of Oklahoma, but his play has been rock solid all season.

Many of the run plays are designed to go right behind him and he has kept pressure of Sam Bradford, aiding him and the OU offense along to a record breaking year.

His play has not only helped the team, but he has now put him in the position to consider looking in to an early departure from OU for the NFL, but for the time being he says that

"The coaches advised me to send in the paperwork, so I sent in the paperwork, but right now I am just concentrating on Florida and then I will look at all of that after the season," Williams said of the situation.

For the time being he admits that he is leaning toward coming back for his senior season.

"Right now I am pretty solid on staying, but I have not really put too much thought in it," admitted "Big" Trent.

"I don't want to add that pressure to myself this close to the [BCS Title] game. I just try to keep all of that away – play the game first – and let the chips fall where they may."

A strong performance against a feisty and quick Florida defensive front could make Williams' stock rise even higher.

"They are a very talented front," Williams admitted. "They are very fast, athletic and strong."

"So it will be a challenge to keep them off of Sam, but I just think we have been coming out, working hard and doing the extra stuff needed to have the best opportunity that we can going in to the game."

Even if Trent returns for the 2008 tilt the Sooners will feature a revamped unit along the offensive front. Williams believes they have enough talent in the pipeline to keep on humming along.

"They are young, but everybody has something to add to the team," Williams said. "Everybody has a good aspect about their play that can help the team return to championship form."

"They have been working extra with ‘Schmidty" [OU Dircetor of Sports Enhancement Jerry Schmidt]. They are getting faster and stronger, so I am not worried about them at all."

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