Containing Tebow and Harvin

If the Sooners want to win the National Title then they will have to find a way to contain the explosive Percy Harvin and the powerful Tim Tebow...

In any sport, it's impossible to completely shut down a great player.

The goal then becomes to limit or contain the great athlete.

That's also true when it comes to Florida's powerful junior duo of quarterback Tim Tebow and running back Percy Harvin.

"When [Tebow] doesn't see what he wants, he pulls the ball down and runs, kind of like [Oklahoma State quarterback] Zac Robinson did," said sophomore defensive end Jeremy Beal.

"They have a lot of run plays for him that they use, like the draws and stuff. But I think if we do a good job of containing him, we'll have a good chance to win."

Part of containing a great player is to make that player one dimensional.

"I feel like they're going to be a great task, especially with the quarterback play," said senior strong safety Nic Harris.

"That's pretty much where it all starts, the quarterback play. We really haven't seen a quarterback to that caliber of guy, and [if] we make him one dimensional, run or pass, then you can pretty much make it easier on yourself, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Tebow has thrown for more than 2,500 yards and rushed for nearly 700 and has 40 total touchdowns, so he is a versatile quarterback.

The same necessity for containment holds true for Harvin, who has been known to devastate defenses with his explosive play.

"He's a hell of an athlete, and he can make some big plays for you," Beal said. "You know, he's a speedy guy, and he has the deep threat too, so we'll have to contain him as well."

Harvin has torched SEC defenses for 543 rushing yards and 575 receiving yards and 16 total touchdowns, so he can trouble a defense in more than one way, but the major way he hurts defenses is with the big play.

Many are comparing him and his ability to produce the "home run" play to Missouri junior wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

"I really think he is [like Maclin]," said sophomore defensive back Dominique Franks. "He's a home run threat just like Jeremy Maclin was, but like you said, Jeremy Maclin's not in the backfield as much as Percy Harvin, but when he's back there, they put him back there for a reason.

Regardless, the Sooners will have to contain his and Tebow's explosive play in order to slow down the Florida offense.

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