Breakdown: OU Prospects in the Army Bowl

San Antonio, Texas -- The Oklahoma Sooners have three commitments on the West Squad and are tracking a few players on both the East and West squads. In this feature we break down some of the impressions from the game.

Gabe Lynn

Lynn has a tremendous frame and you definitely notice that he has a NFL type body already. He started off slowly as he integrated himself in to the practice. In the morning session he actually looked kind of timid. Those that follow Oklahoma high school ball closely know that Lynn is not afraid to come up and hit. He started to heat up towards the end of the A.M. session and made a few plays on the ball and did a good job of manning up on big receiver Patrick Hall. Coming out of the lunch break he continued his solid play and started to break out of his shell. He started laying hits on the running backs and playing with his normal aggressive nature that helped him to become the top ranked corner in the country.

Kevin Brent

It is hard to really give an honest assessment of Brent. He has a unique frame for a safety. He has huge legs and is definitely a big guy. Some have said that they thought that Brent could ultimately wind up at safety ala Keenan Clayton. While I would not rule that out completely he moves around more like a safety. The defensive back coach is a So Cal guy and it looks like he favors his regional guys and Brent did not get a lot of playing time today. I do not necessarily believe that the practice was his element as he is a knock your head off type of safety. I will be more interested to see how he plays in the game on Saturday. For the time being I have to question his coverage skills, but I do not think he was given much of an opportunity to shine so far.

Jamarkus McFarland

McFarland is a real force in the middle. One report suggested that he had a down day because of how well LSU commit Chris Davenport and Missouri commit Sheldon Richardson performed, but from my perspective he was right in there with those guys. He has a clear understanding of the position and his knowledge of the game should put him ahead of both of these guys by week's end. His frame is prototypical for a defensive tackle. He is well proportioned and moves around pretty good. The one thing that you have to love about the guy is that there is not really one flaw that really jumps out at you. He is a solid all-around lineman.

Reuben Randle

There is no question that Randle is an absolute stud. He has number one draft pick type of potential. He is rangy and makes tremendous plays on the ball. He was on his way to a great day before he went out with an undisclosed injury. It did not look serious, but he did not come out and practice after the opening drills.

Morgan Moses

I was not able to attend the East practice today, so I got a breakdown from East coast analyst Bob Lichtenfels on the two prospects OU is tracking on that squad.

"Morgan Moses struggled mightily with the pass rush. He has some trouble with speed pass rushers off of the edge. He needs a lot of work on his feet. He looked decent run blocking, but in an all-star game you have to be able to play in pass happy offense. We will see what happens the rest of the week. Hopefully he adjusts and gets better."

Je'Ron Stokes

"Most of his work today was on special teams. He looks to be the primary punt returner for the East squad. He is sure handed. He is another guy that is a slot type of wide receiver. The guys in the slot kind of got overshadowed by Jeremy Gallon, who stepped up as the offensive star of the day. Stokes is a guy who steps up to the level of competition. When he plays good competition he is going to shine."

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