Stoops Denies Bronco Rumors

Rumors have swarmed the streets of Norman about OU head coach Bob Stoops possibly filling the position Mike Shanahan left behind after the Denver Broncos fired him last week.

After all, Stoops has a good relationship with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, a 1965 OU graduate.

But today Stoops shut down the rumors of being the next head man in Mile High, at least for the time being.

"What situation? That's a rumor that I have not heard," Stoops said. "And no one has contacted me about that, so I don't know anything about it."

He said the Denver Broncos have not talked to his agent.

"Not that I know of, so no," Stoops said. "That's not something that I am concerned with what so ever."

Originally on Wednesday in a Denver Post report, there were eight candidates listed as the possible next Broncos head coach.

Stoops was one of them, the only college coach listed.

Rumors then swirled that Stoops had been contacted by the Broncos, and he shut those down today.

"We're preparing for a national championship, and that's all my focus and all my concentration's on," Stoops said. "So, obviously I'm not a candidate. I'm sure someone might have told me other than you guys if I was a candidate if I was."

Now comes the great argument as to whether or not it will have any affect on the Jan. 8 game in South Beach between the Sooners and the Gators.

Will there be any unnecessary distractions from this rumor?

"No. I don't know why," Stoops said. "There's no story. I'm not a candidate. This is the first I've heard about it. Once it's addressed with my guys it's not an issue."

With a program that has as much national prominence as OU and is traditionally good every year, rumors like this consistently swirl.

"My guys know that there's a lot of stuff that's said about me that isn't true," Stoops said. They're used to that."

Stoops said addressing the team about the rumors will not be a problem, but he has not yet done so.

"No. I didn't know I had to," Stoops said. "I guess I have to start dealing with rumors then. It won't take long."

It isn't the first time Stoops has been rumored for an NFL job.

When the Cleveland Browns position opened up in 2001, he was a possible candidate. He also was when the Dallas Cowboys position was available in 2007.

As with the other times, he didn't rule out eventually coaching in the NFL.

"At some point in my life or career that may be the case," Stoops said. "Everyone wants you to tell them what you're going to do 10 years from now. Who knows? I don't know; nor do you.

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