The Same Old Sam

Sam Bradford was a team guy before the Heisman ceremony and remains a team guy after with his goal of winning the BCS National Championship still set to be achieved...

Major awards can float a guy's ego but not this time, not this guy.

Sophomore quarterback Sam Bradford's approach hasn't changed since he won the Heisman Trophy Dec. 13.

"I think the only thing that's probably changed with Sam is he's probably getting tired of all the media requests and autograph hound guys," said offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. "But that comes with the territory."

He was a team guy before the ceremony and remains a team guy after with his goal of winning the BCS National Championship still set to be achieved.

"I know as soon as I got back from New York I forgot about that experience, got back to business, getting ready to prepare for this game and help my team win," Bradford said.

That team attitude has been the constant one Bradford has shown the rest of his team all season en route to throwing for an astounding 4,400 yards and 48 touchdowns.

Immediately after winning the award, Bradford thanked everyone around him for all his accomplishments, including his offensive line and other players offensively.

The players responded, like they have on the field for Bradford all year.

"Yeah, we're definitely proud for him, and he definitely deserved it, worked hard," said senior offensive lineman Phil Loadholt. "It was exciting to see our quarterback win it, and we take a lot of pride in that definitely."

Junior running back Chris Brown responded similarly.

"Well, I'm another guy that's proud for Sam," Brown said. "He's the first guy to give everybody around him credit for being able to win the Heisman Trophy, and he's a humble guy. There's nothing changed about him. He's the same guy since week one."

That team attitude has been instilled not only in Bradford, but in the rest of the team, from day one.

"You know, personally, again, it's a group deal for us," Wilson said. "That wasn't our goal this year, and it wasn't our goal down the stretch to have style points. Our goal was to play as good as we could, practice as hard as we could, go out and play."

And the Sooners have answered the call.

"Our players embrace that," Wilson said. "Because of that we've had some individual accolades, and that's a great honor for him. He's deserving. I'm proud of him, but our whole focus this year has been on our group and our team, and I think the guys will tell you we're proud of him, but it's been a group effort."

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