OU's Unstoppable Offense

With talent all over the place offensively and the unbelievable numbers the Sooners have put up, many have coined this Sooner offense as unstoppable...

OU's offense is the nation's leader with 54 points per game and ranks third in passing offense with 356.54 yards per game and third in total offense with 562.08 yards per game.

The Sooners have scored 60 points in five straight games, a feat that no other team has ever accomplished in college football.

They have also racked up 702 points, the most ever in the modern era.

But the players refuse to take the field with the mindset that they are unstoppable, and that is part of what has made them as successful as they have been this season.

"I don't know if we ever feel unstoppable," said sophomore quarterback Sam Bradford.

Instead, they are just very sure they will get the job done.

"But I feel like as an offense we are very confident in our abilities and what we do and how we play," Bradford said. "So, I think when we take the field we're confident that we do have the ability to score every time we touch the football. But as far as going out there and setting a goal of scoring every time we touch it, it's something we can't get caught up in if we do get stopped."

The team uses the Texas game as an example that they are, indeed, not unstoppable.

"We lost a game already, and we haven't scored 60 all year," said senior wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias. "I mean, that's not something we set out to do. It's easy to get caught up in that you can't be stopped, but anybody can get beat on any day."

Junior tight end Jermaine Gresham had similar thoughts.

"We got beat this year, so we've been stopped before," Gresham said. "So, we can't be unstoppable."

Still, while the Sooners admit they are not unstoppable, they do expect to help their defense out by putting points on the board every possession.

"Like Sam said, we are very confident in our abilities," said senior center Jon Cooper. "But we do go out there expecting to score every time, but we don't feel like we are unstoppable because we have been beat this season, and it's obvious that it could happen again. If we just walk on the field and it's just not going to happen, it won't."

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