Heisman Vs. Heisman

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA – The National Championship game will feature the 2007 Heisman winner Tim Tebow versus the 2008 Heisman winner Sam Bradford…

Bob Stoop's believes that the difference in Thursday's National Championship game may come down to which Heisman quarterback has the hot hand.

"Well, definitely quarterback play is always critical," Stoops explained. "You know, those guys are handling the football every down. Definitely I think that's a major factor in this game is the quarterback play."

If you tune in to a radio sports talk show this afternoon you will probably hear fans and analysts echoing Stoops' comments, but the ultra humble Sam Bradford believes that it will all boil down to which team plays better as whole.

"I don't think so, Bradford responded when asked if he or Tebow will ultimately make the difference in the final outcome. "I think whichever team is going to win -- whichever team plays the best as a whole. It's not going to come down to one player and who plays better. It's going to come down to who plays better as a team."

"Obviously with both of us winning the Heisman there's going to be some attention put on that. But I feel like it's two great teams playing this Thursday. It's not going to come down to whether me or Tim plays great, it's going to be which team plays better as a whole."

Stoops believes both players bring a lot to the table off of the field and he attributes a lot of their success to what type of people they are. He sees a lot of similarities in Tebow that he has seen Bradford all season.

"I agree with you in that all of what you hear and see it, or when you see them play, both those guys are fabulous players, but what I've loved is every time I've seen an interview on Tim I'm amazed at just the person he is and the young student athlete he is and what he represents," Stoop credited.

"From seeing that I do see the similarities of Sam. Sam is the same kind of guy - really spiritual, great in the community, has got a strong family, and just all those characteristics. But it's been fun for me just to watch what I have seen of Tim through the last year or two, and then to get a chance to meet him. I haven't spent much time around him, but I love what he represents for the college game and what he represents as a student-athlete."

Despite their amazing character both quarterbacks are highly competitive and are looking forward to matching skills with one another on Thursday night.

"It's fun," Tim Tebow stated. "It makes it more competitive, and I'll enjoy it."

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