Cooper Breaks Down the Fast Break

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA – Oklahoma offensive lineman Jon Cooper believes that the Sooners are able to be successful running the "fast break" offense because they are in tremendous shape.

Coming in to the 2008 season fans wondered whether or not Oklahoma would be better suited to run a no-huddle spread offense. Now that they are playing in the National Championship it seems those questions have been answered.

"I really enjoy the no-huddle personally because you kind of get the momentum," OU senior lineman Jon Cooper explained. "Momentum is such a big part of college football, and you don't have to take that little break, keep going. If you can catch a team off guard a couple times, they don't have really time to disguise coverages or fronts. So I like to be able to get out there and see what they're doing before they want us to see."

Cooper has been categorized as a "tough guy" by defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, so it was no surprise when he took a twisted joy in the extra preparation he has to put in to prepare for a full game of running the no huddle.

"I get a lot of grief because I enjoy running," Cooper relayed. "Other offensive linemen don't really like it, but I like it. I tell them to come afterwards and do a couple extra sprints with me, and they look at me like I'm crazy."

Cooper is able to notice that the no-huddle takes it toll on opposing defenses, but at the same time it can take its toll on the OU linemen.

"When we start to get tired we see it in them, too, and we like to try to take advantage of it because we get the up tempo going and take charge."

"A 12-to-15-play drive you're struggling to walk back, and you know Coach Wilson wants up-tempo play. So you've got to get to that line and get ready so you can be successful."

At times OU will put the offense in to high gear an really put the pressure on, and Cooper says that the both teams on the field usually do not even have time for trash talk.

"No, they don't say much until after the game," Cooper said. "They're trying to catch their breath just like we are."

Cooper knows the Sooners are facing a different type of beast in the Florida defense - because of their defensive speed - and it will only be a few more days before everyone finds out if that speed is the answer for the Sooners' "fast break" offense.

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