Murray Talks Injury, Big Game

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA – DeMarco Murray is extremely disappointed and saddened that he will not be able to play in the National Title game, but he will still be right there for his teammates.

When DeMarco Murray limped off of the field in the Big 12 title game it did not look like he was nursing a serious injury, but low and behold it ended up being a partial rupture of a hamstring tendon.

The injury requires surgery, but Murray says there was an option to try and play on it, but the risk outweighed the reward.

"It was real tough," Murray said of his decision making process to have that surgery."

"Just sitting back and having to decide whether to have surgery or not have surgery. I tried to look in to the future and if I don't have the surgery then it would hurt me more than it would help me. I decided to have surgery, but it was tough, real tough."

He may have been able to play in the game if he opted out of the surgery, but with an injury of that nature it would be a long shot for him to be a factor.

"There were not any guarantees of how I would feel during the game."

Sitting on the sidelines waiting on a golf cart to take him off of the practice field it was obvious that ultra competitive Murray was saddened, but he wants to be in Miami to support his team.

"I have been wanting to support them 100 percent - I have been supporting them 100 percent," Murray explained. "I don't say too much because obviously I am not out there playing."

"It is hard being out here because I am not playing or what not, but I am just enjoying my teammates and just enjoying the camaraderie."

His good friend and fellow running back Chris Brown will be called upon to carry the load on Thursday night.

"I just predict him to play hard and work hard," Murray acknowledged. "I can not predict what type of stats he will get, but I can tell you he will play hard just like he has done throughout the rest of the season. He will have to carry a little bit more of the load without me."

Mossis Madu will likely fill Murray's all-around role in the backfield.

"I do not know what they will do what they are going to do offensively, but he has great hands, so I bet they try to get him out there in some space."

Murray should be able to come back strong in 2009, but he will be sidelined for awhile.

"[I will probably be back] in the next three or four months," Murray informed.

"I probably won't do spring ball."

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