Sooners React to BCS Loss

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA -- Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners react to the 24-14 FedEx BCS Championship Game loss to the Florida Gators...

Bob Stoops

"Just first, my congratulations to the University of Florida, Coach Meyer, his team. A well-played game, just again, congratulations. I thought it was a heck of a game. I want to also say that I'm very proud of our players, their efforts, the way they fought and played today. We had some opportunities I thought early in the game in the red zone where we've been, as ironic as it is, we've been so efficient the entire year in the red zone, we came up short on two different occasions. Had another occasion where we had the football to Jermaine Gresham down to about the five-yard line and get it called back on a holding play. We had some opportunities to make a difference in the first half, came up short. And then in the second half, down the stretch, down in the fourth quarter there, we came up a play or two short, they made them. But it was a heck of a game, and again, I'm just proud of our players. They've been a great character group all year. They fought hard tonight, played another really good football team in Florida, and they made a few more plays."

Stoops on the crowd noise

"I didn't notice that at all. I heard our people when we did something well and heard theirs when they did something well. My feeling overall, I don't think that was a big factor. When we were moving the football all the way down to the one-yard line there wasn't anything bothering us, and you don't hear them a lot when you're doing well. You hear them a lot when they make plays, but you heard ours when we made plays. We didn't have any problem at the line of scrimmage. I never felt that at all."

Stoops on the offensive struggles

"I'd even chime in there that in the end you win and lose as a team. You need to make plays together. Some games are going to be high scoring and they're won different ways. So I would say, no, the defense needed to play better to win. Regardless of what the score is, you've just got to find ways to make an extra play or two to win the game."

Stoops on why the Sooners lost the game

"No, you lose a game through the whole process of the game. The two drives that were inside the five, one at the one, we've got two downs from the one-yard line, we don't get it in. We've got the ball at the five there at the end of the half. We also have a ball, like I said earlier, we complete a ball to Jermaine Gresham down to the five or so and get it called back on holding. Those are all opportunities for production, for points, that we didn't get. To me that's part of the end. The fourth quarter if we could have had the one drive stopped, would have given ourselves another chance."

Sam Bradford on how the game played out

" Obviously it's very disappointing to end the season on a loss, especially in a game that we felt like we had a chance to win. In the first half we squandered some opportunities to score points; that really hurt. But in the second half when we needed to make plays, we just couldn't do it."

Bradford on the offensive struggles

"You know, obviously they're a great defense, and I don't know if it's one thing that they did tonight. I think there were a couple times where we got ourselves in trouble by getting ourselves behind the chains, forcing ourselves into bad situations."

Bradford on Tebow

" I mean, to be honest, I hadn't watched a lot of him on film. I really wasn't paying attention a whole lot to what their offense was doing. But Tim is a great player. He did a great job tonight when his team needed him."

Nic Harris Thoughts on the game

"As Coach said, all credit to them. They're a great team, got great players and made great plays. At the end of the day we didn't come out and do what we expected to do. We wanted to come out with a win, which we didn't, and down the stretch we've got to make the plays that are presented to us. We just weren't as opportunistic as we thought."

Does Harris blame the offense?

"First of all, we're not going to place blame on the offense. That's something we're not going to do. Secondly, we as a defense knew what we were capable of doing. It was the critics and the media that didn't believe. We within the locker room, within the white lines, the 11 guys that started knew exactly the type of defense that we were capable of being."

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