Holmes Not Hanging His Head

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA -- Lendy Holmes played a terrific game in Thursday's 24-14 BCS Championship loss to Florida. After the game he was broken hearted about his team's loss, but he will leave the University with his head held high.

There were an abundance of doubters in the Oklahoma defense prior to the National Championship Game.

But as the game unwound it was obvious that the defense deserved more credit than disapproval.

"The only thing I have to say is that we proved ourselves tonight," Lendy Holmes said of the defensive performance. "We proved that we deserved to be out there. Many teams would love to be there, but they couldn't. It was just Oklahoma and Florida.

"Hats off to Florida. Hats off Tebow."

"We showed those boys every play that we deserved to be there and they noticed that and they felt that."

Holmes heard the talk of the OU defense being a joke before the game and he hopes that the Gators and the country now know the truth.

"A joke," Holmes asked?

"We took it and smiled and we showed them out there on every play. They still don't respect us then oh well. We proved it to everybody. We left everything out there on that field."

OU's last three BCS Championship appearances have come in a hostile environment and could basically be considered as road games, but Holmes is not the one to be making any excuses.

"Naw, it doesn't matter," Holmes responded when asked if it was a disadvantage. "We are both in another place playing. Even though we were in Florida it does not matter.

"They have to travel to get here just like we did."

Holmes will not be hanging his head about his time at OU. They fell short of the BCS title, but the Sooners have established their dominance within the Big 12 conference.

"I am happy," Holmes said as he was tearing up. "I am happy about my Big 12 Championships. We won back-to-back-to-back. We are happy about that. We could be even be more happier if we won this, but outcome in the end was Florida won."

Holmes will likely project in the second day of the NFL draft and there will be many out there rooting for him to get his chance to make his NFL dream come true.

Surely his solid play in front of the nation against a strong and speedy team like Florida can only help his status.

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