Catching Up with Rueben Randle

Rueben Randle had one of the top performances in the nationally televised U.S. Army Bowl and he will now likely be forced to dive head first back in to the recruiting process as he tries to decide which college program fits him best.

After racking up over 3,000 yards Rueben Randle, a 6-foot-3, 190-pound wide receiver from Bastrop High in La., was recognized as one of the finalists for player of the year.

Bryce Brown ended up winning the award, but Randle still felt blessed to be considered as the top prep player in the country.

"It is great," Randle acknowledged. "It was a great honor. It is great to be honored for doing something I love to do alongside some other great caliber players. I just thank God for the blessing."

Randle is currently rated as five-star prospect according to and he could probably play for any school in the country.

"There are schools that are coming after me now," Randle informed. "I try to recognize the right place for me. I kind of do a little background check and try to decide if this is going to be the right school for me coming in to it."

"Right now I am really concentrating on LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and kind of still Miami cause those are the schools that still spend a lot of time and are still in a lot of contact with me."

It is important to find the right offense to fit your skill sets.

"Coming in you want to be in the right offense that fits you," Randle said. "You have got to take that in to consideration coming in. You want to be pleased with the offense you are running, because you do not want to get all down because you are not running the right offense."

Despite having a plethora of major scholarship offers Randle has only officially visited one program.

"I took one of the official visits already to Oklahoma," Randle explained. "They treated us well. I went with my dad, one of my teammates and a couple of other guys. We went down for the Texas Tech game. I was just trying to build a relationship with them."

The official visit gave Randle a chance to learn more about the program.

"Just talking to them you can not really picture the place you are going to be at and the people you are going to be with for the next four years. It kind of gives you the opportunity to bond with the coaching staff and get better acquainted with the atmosphere."

Although he has not yet visited Alabama the Tide was the first school to send their head coach to Bastrop for an in-home visit.

"It is cool," Randle explained of the in-home experience. "They get to come in and talk and build a relationship with your family."

"Coach Saban came down and he is the only head coach that came down so far. It was real neat getting to meet him and have him talk to my parents. It was real fun."

Randle will likely make his decision on signing day.

Note: This interview was conducted at the US Army Bowl and since then it looks like Auburn has supplanted Oklahoma State on Randle's list of favorites...

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