Jaz Set to Sign with OU

Recruitniks have continued to worry about the commitment status of receiver Jaz Reynolds. He spoke with SoonersIllustrated.com to let everyone know where he stands.

Oklahoma fans have been worried about the commitment status of Jaz Reynolds, a 6-foot-3, 185-pound wide receiver from Aldine Eisenhower High in Texas ever since took an official visit to Oregon with his teammate Craig Loston.

In hindsight Reynolds believes that the visit was likely a mistake because of all of the drama that unfolded because he took it.

"I was just being greedy with Oregon," Reynolds admitted. "I had heard about the locker rooms and how nice everything was and I just wanted to see that, but I had no intentions of going up there."

"There was a big situation that unfolded with me and people said that I was going to de-commit and I don't know where that came from."

"Craig (Loston) and I planned that trip in together in June and that was before OU came in to the picture."

Reynolds, who actually has family in Oklahoma, was in town to see Norman again this past week when he stopped by with his father. They were able to attend an OU basketball game where they saw Jeff Capel's top five Sooner team dismantle Baylor.

"My brother actually plays basketball in Tulsa," Reynolds began. "He is about to have a daughter and it will be nice to have them be so close to me."

"My brother had a basketball game in Bethany and Bethany is like 30 minutes away from Norman. So we went up to watch one of his games and then we went to watch OU play Baylor. My dad fell in love with it. He actually wanted to stand in the student section, but his knees could not handle it."

"Me and Sam chatted it up a little bit and made a little bit of a connection."

At this time Reynolds is currently regrouping from shoulder surgery but he expects to be full go in early March.

"I dislocated my shoulder in the fourth game of the season when I tried to dive to get a first down," Reynolds said. "I did not even know I had tore my labrum. I just kept playing with it. When I started playing basketball it was still hurting. I went to the doctor and got an MRI and he said that I had some torn ligaments in there."

"I had to cut my basketball season short so I could have the surgery, because if I waited until after the season the recovery time would have went in to the summer and that would have been the worst thing that could have happened to me to go up to Norman hurt. I need to be lifting weights before I go up there anyway."

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