The Next Sam Bradford?

OU commitment Drew Allen, a 6-foot-5, 210-pound quarterback from Alamo Heights High in San Antonio, Texas never grew up dreaming of wearing a crimson and cream Sooner jersey.

As a matter of fact he grew up a Texas fan.

You see his father, Andy Allen, signed with Texas out of high school and played defensive end for the Longhorns during the 74-77 seasons. So Drew spent a good amount of time as a child repeating the phrase ‘Hook em Horns'.

"Huge," Allen quickly snapped when asked how big of a Texas fan he had been.

"I was a huge UT fan. I really went to a lot of games. We had season tickets because my dad played there. I would root against a lot of the other teams, but I was always intrigued by all of the other teams as well."

"I never thought that I would ever be playing at OU," Allen continued. "My dad would always say ‘that could be you' when we were at the Texas game. Whenever you graduate high school you are going to play at Texas and stuff."

"It was kind of like one of those things you would joke around about. Then OU came along, and I just feel that it is the right place for me. But honestly I never really thought that I would play at Oklahoma. Now that it has happened I could not be happier."

Allen's father, who was actually in the same recruiting class as Texas great Earl Campbell, had no problems with his son playing for Oklahoma or head coach Bob Stoops.

"I have always respected Oklahoma for being good competition," Andy Allen said of the Sooners. "I think there is a lot of potential in that program. They have great leadership on the sidelines, and one thing that Coach Stoops told us is that if Drew comes to Oklahoma then he will be surrounded by a great cast of players and coaches. If not better than - then just as good - as anyone that we will ever play against."

"Oklahoma is one of the top teams in the country and they win all of the time, and if you have the opportunity to go to one of the top teams, you go."

"He is happy for me," Drew added. "He was definitely wanting me to make the right decision and he felt in his mind that this was the right decision as well."

"I guess I am growing up in the Bob Stoops era at Oklahoma. Being a UT fan has its advantages for OU also. The Red River Rivalry is a game that everybody watches, and it has been awhile since UT has prevailed. It is has had me have my eye on OU over the last 10 years."

Allen was not a huge name in recruiting circles early on in the recruiting process, but through hard work and a number of stops at some prestigious events in the spring he was able to rack up plenty of scholarship offers.

"It is a complete humbling experience," Allen recalled. "I went from no offers to an offer from New Mexico State and then Wake Forest and Colorado offered. After that a lot more (offers) came."

"I always had a feeling that everything would fall in to place and the right thing would happen, and certain situations came up like the camp in Dallas and the Elite 11 camp, so I feel that God has blessed me with the talent and the opportunity. The schools all fell in to place and the right thing happened."

OU actually never even offered Allen until late in the summer, but it was most likely a quick stop in Norman for a one-day session of summer camp that helped vault him towards the top of the Sooners' wish list.

Allen was in the middle of a cross country camp tour, making stops at schools like Ole Miss, Wake Forest, and Colorado, when OU quarterbacks coach Josh Heupel expressed an interest in having him stop by Norman to throw the ball at their camp.

Allen worked the stop in to his busy schedule, a move that definitely paid off.

"I went to four different schools and OU was my last stop," Allen informed. "I was fortunate enough to be in pretty good shape, so I performed pretty well."

"I felt that Coach Heupel really liked my hustle in all of the drills. He liked how mobile I was. He felt that I was a leader and he felt that I threw well."

At that time OU had already offered a couple of other quarterbacks, so Allen did not receive his offer right away, but when the staff extended him a scholarship late in the summer he made a pretty quick decision to become a part of the Sooner Nation.

There were a number of reasons why he ultimately selected Oklahoma.

"I really got down to thinking about all of the factors," Allen said as he explained his thought process behind his decision.

"I have always watched the Big 12. It was in a close proximity to home. I will only be going in there with two other scholarship quarterbacks. There is a winning tradition. Coach Stoops, Coach Heupel, and all of the other coaches and players were great. Oklahoma is going to have some of the best talent in the nation that I will be surrounded by. All of those factors definitely helped my decision."

Currently Allen is considered as a three-star quarterback by, but many believe he could have five-star potential once he gets to college.

Since the age of ten he has been working with one-on one with Sonny Detmer, whose sons Koy and Ty Detmer both starred in college and went on to be drafted to play in the NFL.

You will find no bigger fan of Drew Allen than Coach Detmer, who believes firmly that Allen is easily one of the very best all-around quarterbacks in the country.

"First off he has got leadership," Detmer stated. "He has got a strong arm. He is smart about learning defenses and he is very dedicated. This guy wants to be perfect, but not to the point that it bothers him. When you tell him something he listens and absorbs it and he works on it and is ready to go."

"I told his dad the first time that I saw him that his son was going to be something special on down the line. His dad was kind of laughing at me, but I told him that it was just his personality."

"You might have somebody as good as him out there, I am not going to say there isn't, but they can't be any better at all of those things it takes to be a quarterback," Detmer continued. "You cannot be better than this guy. They might be equal to him - there are other guys that can play – but he has just got a perfect throwing motion."

Allen is quick to credit Detmer for playing a huge role in his development.

"Coach Detmer has been a really big part of my quarterback successes," mentioned Allen. "I have worked with him for about six years now, and he really works with me on the little things. He really harps on footwork and the release of the ball."

"He can tell if it is a good pass or a bad pass just by looking at my form, and he is usually right. He has two sons in the NFL, so it is kind of hard not to listen to him, so I take all of his advice to heart."

Coach Detmer has seen many good quarterbacks in his time, but admits that Sooner fans do not need to look far for a comparison.

"He compares a lot to Sam Bradford," Detmer said. "He has the same type pf demeanor. He is calm, sees things well, and understands what he is doing. I don't think you could find a better quarterback in the world, especially for their offense."

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