Sooners the Class of College Football

The Sooners were recently listed as the No. 1 all-time team in the ESPN Prestige Rankings. But here's a closer look at some of the things that are most impressive about that.

Victories: Since World War II, the Sooners have 33 more victories than the next closest team on the list. OU has recorded an unprecedented 547 victories, while Penn State is second with 514 and Texas rounds out the top three at 513.

Winning percentage: It's no surprise that, because the Sooners have the most modern-era victories, they have the best modern-era winning percentage. OU stands at .76450, while Ohio State has a winning percentage of .74746 and Penn State is third at .73650.

Weeks at AP No. 1: The Sooners passed Notre Dame this season with the most weeks at No. 1 in the Associated Press poll, as they now stand at 97. Notre Dame is second with 95 weeks in that slot.

Weeks inside AP Top 5: Perhaps more impressive just because of the consistency factor is that OU has finished the season inside the AP Top 5 an extraordinary 367 times. Ohio State stands second with 301, while Big 12 rival Nebraska has finished there 294 times.

Weeks at BCS No. 1: Since the creation of the BCS, the Sooners have also led this category, sitting atop the rankings 19 times. Ohio State and USC are tied at second with 15, while Florida State and Miami tie for fourth at seven weeks in the BCS top spot.

Weeks inside BCS Top 5: OU has dominated this category, ranking in the BCS Top 5 well more than any other school at 45 times. USC is second at 36, and Ohio State is third with 33 weeks at that spot.

AP National Titles: One of the few miscellaneous categories the Sooners don't lead the pack in is national titles. Notre Dame, which won its last National Title in 1988, leads the nation with eight. OU is second with seven national championships and Alabama is still breathing down the Sooners' necks with six national championships.

With some of these statistics factoring into the ESPN Prestige Rankings, it is hard to argue that OU shouldn't be at the top of the list.

The dominance is there to suggest that, perhaps, they are the most successful team in the modern era.

USC, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Nebraska, respectively, rounded out the top five in the recently published results.

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