RECRUITING: Mesquite safety down to two

Darien Williams says the Sooners are very much in the hunt after visiting Norman


JH: How did you enjoy your visit to OU?

DW: "I liked it a lot. It was real sweet. I had fun with a lot of the players. I was hanging around with Mark Clayton and he was real nice and a lot of fun."

JH: "What did you learn about the OU football program that you didn't know before?

DW: "They have real nice facilities at OU and their academic system in place is very beneficial for the athletes."

JH: Did the visit enhance your chances of signing with OU?

DW: "I like OU more than I did before I visit. My decision has come down to OU and Texas A&M. I visited Texas A&M back on November 9th."

JH: Are you leaning to anybody at this time?

DW: "No. Right now I am not favoring anybody."

JH: Are there any major differences in the two programs?

DW: "There isn't much difference to me. The players seemed a little bit different at OU in a good way. People at OU were a little more serious because they were going to a bowl and had more things on their mind. They were trying to get home for the holidays and they realized they still have work to do. At Texas A&M the players didn't have much responsibility and they were a lot of fun."

JH: When do you think you will make your decision?

DW: "I will probably make my decision when the break is over with."

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