RECRUITING: Dampeer has long, but good trip

Sources tell that DT Mo Dampeer and his family left Norman feeling very good about OU

LAWRENCE 'MO' DAMPEER, DT, 6-3, 280, 4.8, DeCatur (McArthur HS) ILLINOIS:

Big Lawrence 'Mo' Dampeer and his father left Norman Sunday feeling very good about the University of Oklahoma. The Dampeer's like the Sooners so much that they drove up early Saturday morning (4:00 AM) and left Norman early Monday morning (4:00 AM). Because the family couldn't finish their visit until Monday morning, they were forced to pay for their own hotel on Sunday night, because they wouldn't be leaving until after the dead period started.

Considering how much trouble Mo and his father took to get and stay in Norman I would say that it is very evident that they like OU a great deal.

Jackie Shipp is the primary recruiting on Big Mo with Kevin Wilson also involved. However, Shipp has taken a special interest in Mo and it will be needed. Mo really likes Coach Shipp and that is a plus for the Sooners. The Sooners are battling a bit of a distance factor and the fact that Mo is still a little short on his grades.

OU is not too far for the family, but the Univeristy of Illinois is closer. OU is a much better football program and Coach Shipp is a major factor in the Sooners favor. However, Illinois gets an edge because they can prop without any question. OU would probably prop-42 Mo as well.

Mo also has Miami, Florida and Tennessee on his list, but I really feel this is going to come down to OU and Illinois.

Mo's parents are divorced, but both parents are involved in the recruiting. Dad drove up with Mo, but mom flew up and spent the entire time with Mo and Dad looking over the program at OU. The parents like OU a great deal and at one point during the Dampeer's meeting with Coach Stoops, mom asked for a word with her son outside the door. During that time mom asked Mo if he wanted to go ahead and commit and forget about his other visits so that he could start cracking the books real hard. She felt OU was the best place for her son and wanted to know if he wanted to quit visiting at that time. They decided to think that over at home and right now it appears that he will take other visits.

There is no question that OU is very much in the hunt for Big Mo, but they may have to sweat out the month of January and the lure of staying close to home to get him to sign on the dotted line.

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