Early Start Good for White's Future

A famous quote states, ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.' That seems to be the case with Desoto defensive back Adrian White. For years, White has been putting in the extra work in hopes of a Division I college offer. And even though he is only a junior, opportunity has presented itself. SoonersIllustrated had a quick chat with White's father to see how things have been…

With football recruiting, it seems as though the dynamics change on a yearly basis. Athletes are committing to schools earlier and earlier. So in this day in time, players need to be prepared. And for an athlete like Desoto's Adrian White, things got started when he was heading into his sophomore year.

"Adrian had a lot of athletes in front of him who went through the recruiting process. So what we learned was that we had to get him out there early," Adrian White (father) Sr. said. "We went ahead and got him with a personal trainer his sophomore and went to work."

Father, Adrian, said that he understood that it would take some traveling to get his son the exposure needed so he attended as many camps, combines, and invitationals as possible. Clearly, that plan worked out. As it stands right now, the Desoto defensive back has more than 20 colleges in pursuit of him and has been pegged as one of the state's top defenders.

"He's (Adrian Jr.) a competitor so I knew that we needed to travel and let him compete with the best," Adrian Sr. said. "But what I wanted for him was to compete with players on a national level, not just local. He recently went to the US Army All-American Combine and was named to the second team."

According to Sr., the work doesn't stop. During the interview, Adrian Jr. was not home because every Thursday and Sunday he works out with former Dallas Cowboy Larry Brown.

"He (Adrian Jr.) is trying to get ready for the next level," Adrian Sr. said. "He works with Larry (Brown) twice a week and Thursday's he goes to train for two hours after track practice."

That work ethic has obviously just started to see some fruition as White has more than 15 offers. Oklahoma, LSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Stanford, Texas A&M, and recently Florida are only some of the schools that have extended an offer to him. 

And while he continues to improve himself on the field, he is putting in work on the recruiting side of things as well.

"We have been checking out schools. We've gone to Texas and Oklahoma twice and (Texas) A&M once," Adrian Sr. said. "We are trying to get in all of the local schools first because we can drive there to see them. But as he goes through this process, he has matured a lot. He is starting to look at what positions colleges are recruiting, their depth chart, and is watching film for defensive schemes. All of this is important to him."

With that said, one added statement to the above quotations was that the coaching staff is important as well. And apparently, the Sooner coaches have caught his attention in that regards. Adrian Jr. attended a 3-day camp at Oklahoma and his father picked up on a few things that caught his attention. 

Even more so, it was a particular coach.

"Adrian really likes coach Bobby Jack Wright," Adrian Sr. said. "When he went to camp at Oklahoma, it was hard and he (Wright) worked those kids hard. He seemed like he was a hard-nosed coach, but I like that. When these kids go off to school, parents are not there and it helps to know that there are good coaches in the system who step up and keep these kids in place."

At the Sooners' last junior day, Adrian Jr. was in attendance and the word is that he really enjoyed it. The Desoto superstar's next stop will be to Austin for the Longhorn Junior Day, and there have been a few rumblings that there could be a possible commitment coming soon, for Texas that is.

But Sr. is not so sure that will happen.

"He (Adrian Jr.) has 15 offers right now. He is on his way to Texas this weekend for junior day," Adrian Sr. said. "I don't look for him to commit when he is down there. He understands that you have to explore and take your time with things."

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