Wood: Praying for that Feeling

A major decision will come in a matter of weeks from Second Baptist quarterback Connor Wood. And while there are many people awaiting the final word, who would know better what is going on than one of Connor's family members. SoonersIllustrated made contact with Jeff Wood, Connor's father, to get his take on his son's recruitment.

Many fans across the country have been waiting to hear the latest news from Second Baptist (TX) quarterback Connor Wood. The Scout.com four-star slinger is rated as one of the top passers in the state, and arguably the country.

And while he is likely to be on the horn with coaches and answering requests for interviews from various outlets, SoonersIllustrated recently caught up with someone close to the situation to give his take on Woods' recruitment, his father Jeff.

Jeff has been on every visit with him and he said that that is a trend that will not change. The Wood family does everything together. Of course, when it comes down to where his 6-foot-4, 211-pound son ends up, is still up for grabs.

"We (the Wood family) go to almost every event with him (Connor)," Jeff Wood said. "We do things together and are very family oriented. It's great going through this process with him and seeing how many schools are interested."

And that interested list is quite long, and solid. The family has already made road trips to UCLA, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia. As for the offer list, programs like LSU, Iowa, Duke, Texas, Stanford, Rice, Oklahoma, Texas A&M are only a handful of teams seeking Wood's services, especially after throwing for 2,248 yards, 20 touchdowns to only five interceptions.

According to Jeff, Connor has kept quiet, even though he is likely to make his commitment in a couple of weeks. Jeff did not allude to a leader, nor was there a definite times table announced. 

But, he was pleased at the selections his son has to choose from.

"These are all such wonderful schools and we are so grateful to have this opportunity," Jeff said. "There are great programs and all of the coaches are wonderful. Connor will try and make a decision in the next couple of weeks. There are a couple programs that have a strong potential with Connor, but he is being quiet about it. He will make his decision, but he knows that his family is right here if he needs help.

"When the time is right, he will know. He said he would get that feeling in his gut. He is praying for that feeling."

Jeff was asked if he had any idea where his son may end up, Jeff said he did not know. But then again, with the options before him, he really does have a bad decision to make.

"Each of the schools have their strengths," Jeff said. "You look at schools like Duke, Stanford and Rice and those schools have a lot to offer. Then your powerhouse programs are great as well. Connor is just looking for that right team, right coach, and right fit. It's hard, but very exciting."

While the decision is still up in the air, Jeff spoke briefly on junior days and a few unofficial visits. For the Sooners, Wood has a few ties to the state of Oklahoma.

"We have only been in Texas for eight years. We are from Wichita, Kansas," Jeff said. "We have plenty family in Oklahoma, cousins, aunts, and uncles so we are familiar with the area. When down for junior day, we enjoyed our time with coach Bob Stoops and coach Josh Heupel. That program is top notch."

He spoke highly of all the coaches they have met at junior days, but was unsure if any more trips would be in the near future. Perhaps Connor has seen all he needs in order to give the final word.

"I think we may be done visiting unless he (Connor) wants to revisit some places," Jeff said. "We just got an offer from (Texas) A&M today and they want us to come down and visit. We spoke with coach Mike Sherman and thanked him. We have been to A&M numerous times. Right now, there are no more visits planned."

Just as many fans are awaiting the word from Connor, his father is doing the same.

"I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to open a gift," Jeff said.

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