Thompson Closing in on a Decision

After taking a junior day visit to Baylor on Saturday, offensive lineman Tyrus Thompson will sit down with is family and make the final call on what school he will attend. And by Sunday he will have an announcement.

Tyrus Thompson, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound offensive lineman from Pflugerville High in Texas is closing n on a final decision.

"It was kind of fun taking these visits," Thompson said of the early recruiting process. "I think I kind of put it down to two."

He has pulled down offers from schools like Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Rice, and Houston, but the Sooners and Bears stick out at as the top two teams on his list.

So he feels that there is no reason to really prolong the decision making process.

"I am kind of feeling two schools and I know that it is going to be one or the other, so why wait if I know which one I want to go to," Thompson admitted. "So I am just going to try to end this process kind of early. "

Last year Thompson's teammate and U.S. Army All-American Alex Okafor made his decision in March and that allowed him to put more focus on his senior year instead of the recruiting game.

Two years ago his Pflugerville teammates Zavier Gooden and Greg Nwoko plaed the process out until the end, and after evaluating both sides of the coin Thompson preferred to get his announcement out of the way.

"I kind of noticed that it kind of killed the recruiting process for him (Okafor) a little bit because people knew that he was committed," Thompson informed. "That slowed down some of the schools from calling him and trying to distract him and get his attention. He was pretty calm about it and he was happy with his decision."

"The year before Zaviar and Greg had a lot of coaches coming up to them in practice and stuff all of the time. They would have stop and talk to the coaches and do interviews and stuff with people who were trying to figure out where they were going."

"I kind of like what I saw with Alex," Thompson continued. "I think it is better to just know where you want to go and be happy with it. I kind of want that."

Thompson say that right now it can be considered a dead heat for his signature between the two Big 12 South programs.

"Right now it is pretty even," Thompson reported. "I am going to go up to Baylor this Saturday and just sit down and talk about it with my family and try to come up with a decision."

"Hopefully by Sunday I will be ready to commit to somebody. Once I commit to that school I don't plan on visiting other schools. I will be fully committed. I do not want to be one of those players that decommits at the end. I do not think that is even cool. I just want to commit and try not to talk to any other colleges after that."

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