Positives to Blake's Absence?

Leave it to freshman guard Willie Warren to look at the positives of sophomore forward Blake Griffin's absence.

After all, he has averaged 25 points over the last two games and led the Sooner scoring show.

"I mean, I feel like everything happens for a reason," Warren said, following the Sooners' 87-78 defeat at the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks.

What reason?

"Him being out just puts us in a better situation to become more of a team, to find ourselves without him because it's showing us what we'll have to do if he gets in foul trouble early in the game and [how to play] without him because he's not always going to be there," Warren said.

OU head coach Jeff Capel chuckled at what Warren said.

"Look, I want [Blake] out there, freshman inexperience talking," Capel joked, then echoed Warren 's comments. "Every situation can help."

Capel has always preached a story to the team that his grandfather told him growing up.

"You know, I tell guys, and my grandfather used to tell me when I was younger, ‘You can learn something from anybody; even a fool can learn how not to be a fool by watching him,' and so you can learn from every situation and certainly these are opportunities for us to learn and grow and get better," Capel said.

He then went back to his initial thoughts.

"But their coach would prefer to have him out there if he's healthy," Capel said. "That's the main thing. We want him to be right."

Blake's brother and fellow forward, senior Taylor Griffin said the Sooners have learned a little something about their identity since the loss of his brother a week ago.

"You know it was kind of a sense of we can do this without him," Taylor said. "And I still believe we could have won that game. You know, Blake's a great player and all of you know that. But I think there's a reason that we've been so high in the polls all season. You know, we have guys that can play ball besides him, and we were trying to look at this game as an opportunity to go out and show that.

The Sooners' point production as a team certainly wasn't lacking in their latest contest, as they scored nearly 80 points against the Jayhawks.

So, maybe the Sooners have learned they can still put up some points without the projected National Player of the Year.

Nevertheless, there were some things the Sooners found out they can improve on without the presence of Blake.

"We made a lot of stupid mistakes that [we] shouldn't of, whether it's our maturity or just we didn't want it bad enough," Taylor said. "Two losses is disappointing, but, I mean, you gotta see some good out of it. I guess it kind of exposed us, and showed us some things that we need to work on, on both sides of the ball, but again it will be great to have him back."

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