Stoops Talks Spring Football

Bob Stoops met with the media this afternoon to discuss the state of his team on the very first day of spring practice and Sooners Illustrated was there to file this report that is full of quality information…

Thoughts and Prayers for WR Corey Wilson

"It is a disappointing time and a really hurtful time and I know everyone heard about the accident with Corey Wilson and if you haven't it is just a really tragic accident. We are are all just praying for Corey and his family. It is really difficult times."

"I am not going to elaborated medically from what was out there from his family yesterday other than that we are going to continue to pray for him and have him in our thoughts and his family."

Calling out the offensive line

"Losing four of the five starters from a year ago and that is where another major issue will be. And we will see. Those guys are at this point jus everything whether it is their work ethic or their attitude it just needs to improve. They have not had the winter that everybody else has had."

"They right now are the weak link of the team. And we will see if they can respond and have any kind of spring or summer that can help us be a team that can content for a Big 12 Championship."

"They will be a big part of whether we will or not. Depending on their attitude, work ethic and those type of things. They have been very inconsistent that way in how they work and their toughness and discipline."

Young receivers looking good

Our attitude with the young receivers was fabulous. They have to come on on the field and show the ability to make plays.

"The young receivers have all made good improvement. I think overall that that group being a big question mark coming in to the winter was really pleasing. I mean they have really had a good winter."

"I think that tells you their maturity or their want to. And recognizing that maybe we are a little inexperienced here and maybe with some hard work we can make it up. That was exciting."

Veterans will not get a lot of reps this spring

"I am not real interested to see a guy going in to his last year like Chris Brown get banged around at all. In fact the offensive coaches will have to talk me in to tackling him. He has played too much."

"We will monitor how much (reps) they get."

Players that will be out or very limited in the Spring are:

DeMarco Murray
DeMarcus Granger
Ryan Reynolds
Auston English
Gerald McCoy
Jermaine Gresham
Chris Brown
Austin Box
Brody Eldridge
(Note all injured players are on schedule to play next fall)

Mossis Madu at receiver?

"He is a talented guy that we need to keep getting the ball to, so I am sure that he will work out in the slot position sometimes."

Players no longer with the team:

CB Jamell Fleming – Working on grades, could be back
OL Kody Cooke – Still on campus, but intends to transfer
LB Lamont Robinson – Graduated and has moved on
Quinton Carter is like a starter

"To be honest with you Quinton would have had significantly more time had he not had some hamstrings issues that hampered him previously and kept him out of practice and maybe earning a starting position, so we look at him as a part time starter already that is returning and played some big games for us and played well. We expect Quinton to keep getting better and be a big time factor for us at safety."

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