Reed Plays with a Heavy Heart

Thibodaux (La.) High star Trovon Reed played with every ounce of soul that he had in his body during this weekend's New Level/Badger Sports 7on7 Tournament for the memory of his mother who passed away very recently.

Trovon Reed's mother, Rosezina Reed, lost her battle with cancer late last week, but upon her request he still traveled to Las Vegas to compete in the New Level/Badger Sports 7on7 passing tournament.

And the Top 100 receiver would have made her proud with the heart that he showed out on the field this weekend.

He helped lead the Texas/Colorado/Oklahoma squad in to the semifinals with amazing play on both sides of the ball (at wide receiver and cornerback) and was arguably the best player at the event regardless of position.

"It has been hard," Reed said with heavy emotion ringing through in his voice. "Especially with my mother passing away yesterday."

Onlookers at the event all noticed how talented Reed is, but no one knew the pain that he was playing through - on the inside - and by the end of the tournament he was drained both mentally and physically.

"What he has done is simply amazing," confirmed recruiting analyst Baron Flenory, who ran the event and coached Reed's team.

"He has made some of the most spectacular plays I have seen and he has played almost every snap. He played with heart and passion."

Reed's team fell short of the championship, but he was thankful for the opportunity to compete against some of the best players in the country.

Plus he got some work in on the defensive side of the ball as well.

"We don't really do this in Louisiana," Reed responded when asked about the 7on7.

"I am trying to adjust to it. I am learning. It felt good. At my school the cornerbacks are real good, so I don't really get to play (defense) unless they really need me. So I am just trying to see how I stack up at corner."

You may think it is odd that a player would travel so far away from home after losing a parent, but Reed made the trip because his mom wanted him to attend.

"When I went to the hospital to see her for the last time I asked her what she wanted out of me in my life. She said that all she wanted from me was to follow my dreams in life. And this is my dream to be a football player."

She said: "Don't stop! I am suffering and if I leave I am going to be in a better place. I am going to be there with you every second. Everywhere you go I am going to be there."

"She just told me to go and I went."

So with a heavy heart Reed set out on the trip to play football this weekend for the memory of his "momma", but make no mistake she was in his thoughts the whole time.

"My momma meant everything to me," Reed said as he tried to put in to words what his mother really meant to him.

"I never really had a daddy. My dad left. It has always just been me and my momma. We have been through a lot. She has been there for me since day one. We have been through everything you could have been through."

"I just miss her."

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