Familiar territory for Irwin

There is no lack of college choices for Mustang, Oklahoma offensive lineman Bronson Irwin. With a plethora of offers he will have many choices. But the key is finding the right fit. So, Irwin has made several trips over the past couple of months. SoonersIllustrated has the low down on his next stop.

Sometimes athletes will take an extra look at certain programs for follow-up visits. But for Mustang (OK) offensive lineman Bronson Irwin, there can never be too many trips to programs within state borders.

With that said, the possibly eventual Top 300 prospects said recently that there is a school that he has been to several times, but is planning another for this week.

"I will be in Norman (Oklahoma) this week for a visit," Irwin said. "I plan to check the Sooners out in a scrimmage and sit in on some meetings. I told the coaches that I wanted to come down and check things out again."

For the 6-foot-5, 315-pound Irwin, recruiting to him is been picking up a lot at this point and time. He has more than 15 scholarship offers including schools like Tulsa, Arizona, Arizona, Vanderbilt, Oregon, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma State.

This off season, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Oklahoma State have all seen Irwin for junior days and has caught more six games at various colleges throughout his junior season as well.

"I think that recruiting is going real well for me. I am getting the chance to check out as many options as I can," Irwin said. "Right now I am just trying to find the right place for me."

Irwin was quick to say that he has no favorites and does not have a Top 5 or 10 list. But, there are some programs that have caught his attention throughout the process.

He stated that this is has a lot to do with tradition and these teams' past year performances.

"As far as a Top 5, I really don't have one," Irwin said. "But schools like Oklahoma, Alabama, Oregon, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State are big, standout programs. These schools have a lot of history and traditions. Plus, they all had good recent performances."

And while he has, or may be planning to visit some of those schools in the near future, the Sooners have been the one of the few schools to see Irwin on multiple occasions. Counting games and junior days, he has been to the campus of Oklahoma five times, including last Saturday for the team's first full pad practice.

For this trip to Norman, Irwin plans to look at things a little closer.

"I'll probably be with coach (James) Patton most of the time I am there," Irwin said. "I let him know that I wanted to come down and check out a practice. I want to see how all of the coaches coach, check out some film sessions break downs, and watch them (the Sooner team) scrimmage. I want to get a feel for how the players and coaches interact."

Irwin said that coach Patton has been the primary coach recruiting him for most of the process. He said that he and Patton talk about 2-3 times a week and keep a constant communication by email. 

As stated earlier, Irwin is not calling favorites, but the Sooners are a team that he has followed for some time.

"I am comfortable a lot of places, but I grew following Oklahoma," Irwin said. "So obviously, Norman is a placed that I am used to. The coaches always make me feel at home and they tell me that I will fit in with the team well."

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