Cobbs a player in high demand

It seems as though many want to hear what Tulsa Central athlete Demarco Cobbs has to say. He is labeled as one of the top recruits in the country and has more than 20 offers to date. SoonersIllustrated caught up with Cobbs to get the latest in recruiting.

Being one of the top players in the country may seem like the life all athletes want. But, in reality, things can get hectic with interview calls, offers, and visitation requests. For Tulsa Central athlete Demarco Cobbs, that was the case early on.

Now, he takes the process as it goes and has gotten used high demand of attention.

"Right now I am taking things day by day," Cobbs said. "I'm hearing everybody out and talking to everybody. At first I used to get bombarded with calls, a lot of calls. It really doesn't bother me anymore because I had to understand that I am a top recruit."

And that he is. He sits high on several top lists and will likely continue to elevate. From what 6-foot-2, 201-pound Cobbs can recall, he thought that he was up to 27 offers at the moment. 

Some of the programs he could remember was USC, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Kansas State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Arizona.

"It's a lot of them," Cobbs said.

He said that he is looking for a variety of things when it comes to schools and a good relationship with coaches ranks high on his list. That, and the way the coach interacts with the players.

"I want to go to some of these programs and see how the treat the players," Cobbs said. "I want to get a feel for the coach to see if he is a man of his word."

But with Cobbs' list sitting at more than 25 offers, there obviously has to be a time when the list has to get much shorter so that he may have the time to get in visits. He has not yet began eliminating teams publicly, but did say that there are some schools that he will likely not visit.

Now as far as things are concerned with the Oklahoma squad, Cobbs does have them fairly high on the list. So where did the Sooners land for Cobbs right now?

"I would say that Oklahoma is ranked No. 4 for me out of the 27 right now," Cobbs said. "The schools in front are USC, Florida, and LSU. You could say that these are top programs right now, but I am still hearing everybody out. Of the 27, there are some schools that I just don't have much interest in though."

Cobbs elaborated on Oklahoma.

"Of course it is close, but location will not play a factor in my decision," Cobbs said. "With OU, I know that they are constantly Big 12 champions so I know I can expect that if I go there. Plus, they have the potential to be national champions year in and year out."

As a quarterback and safety for the Central team, Cobbs generated over 2,000 yards of offense and had 30 touchdowns. He also returned two punts and a kickoff for touchdowns as well. At the college level, Cobbs said that most schools are recruiting him as a wide receiver.

But there are a few schools eyeing him for other spots.

"LSU, Tennessee, and Texas A&M want me at running back," Cobbs said. "Michigan is looking at me as a quarterback. For me, I wouldn't mind playing running back or wide receiver because I prefer to stay on offense."

Cobbs is currently involved with basketball and track. As for visits, Cobbs said that when spring ball tackles place, he would likely make a tour of the SEC schools.

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