Dyer wants a second look

Spring practice is in full swing on the campus of Oklahoma. And while the team is fine tuning skills in preparation for next year's battles in the Big 12, the practices also allow hot prospects to check the team out. For this week, SoonersIllustrated has word that one will be in Norman, OK…

Despite being on of the top running backs in the country, Little Rock (AR) Christian Academy's Michael Dyer is taking the process as it comes. Not that he isn't out doing evaluations on his selected programs, but he is quick to say that his final decision is not likely to come soon.

"I look to probably commit sometime towards the end of the season or after my senior year," Dyer said. "Recruiting is going pretty good for me. I have gone to a couple of campuses and I am just taking things day by day."

At the moment, the 5-foot-9, 200-pound Dyer said he over 10 offers including Arkansas, LSU, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, North Carolina, and Stanford. To date, he has visited Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Tulsa.

As spring training approaches for Dyer, planned trips to Auburn, Georgia, LSU, and Georgia Tech are in the near future.

But one program has already seen him on campus, but Dyer wants to get another look to check things out more thoroughly.

"This Thursday I plan to go to Oklahoma and check out spring practice," Dyer said. "I talked with the coaches a couple of weeks ago and now I will head to Norman (OK). I want to sit in with the team and see the coaches. You know, see how the team chemistry is and see how the play the game up close."

According to Dyer, Oklahoma assistant coach Cale Gundy is the one who has been recruiting him and said that a good line of communication is between them. Dyer spoke on how he and Gundy have connected during the process.

One word readily came to mind when Dyer spoke of Gundy.

"He is straightforward," Dyer said. "He talks to me telling me about what the program needs and what they are looking for. I know with Oklahoma that they already have good players, but what they (the Sooner coaches) have been telling is that they are looking for more guys whom they can depend on. You know, more playmakers."

Going to Norman will be trip No. 2 for Dyer, with the Sooner junior day being the first. And even though he is getting ready for Round 2, the first time was memorable.

"I really enjoyed myself the last time I was down there," Dyer said. "I got the feeling that they really wanted me down there and that made me feel good."

That "feel good" feeling has boosted the Sooners to Dyer's Top 3 along with SEC schools Arkansas and Alabama, both schools he has visited. But this go round for Dyer in Norman will involve quite a bit more focus than before.

"I am going to watch closely and see how the players and coaches interact, paying attention to the respect factor," Dyer said. "I also want to see how effective the offense and see what players are there, especially the ones who will be there if I choose to go there. Really, I just want to see how I would fit in at Oklahoma."

Dyer finished the 2008 season over 2,000 yards and scored 21 touchdowns.

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