Madu's Versatility...

When DeMarco Murray went out on the opening kickoff in the Big 12 Championship Game against Missouri, Mossis Madu was forced to step up alongside Chris Brown.

And he did just that, rushing for 114 yards on 15 carries and scampering into the end zone three times in the Sooners' 62-21 blowout victory over the Tigers.

And now in the off-season, the Sooners have decided to use his versatility and try him in the slot position some.

"We're doing it just like we were the receivers out [there]," said offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. "Hanna plays out there. Jermaine plays out there. There's some formations where Matt Clapp's out there. It's sometimes we're doing it out of necessity, but necessity's the mother of learning."

Sometimes guys can find a new strength when players get hurt or there's a lot of depth at a certain position.

"Brody Eldridge became a fullback because everybody got hurt," Wilson said. "And I said ‘Try this,' and I said, ‘Wow, you're pretty good at it,' so maybe sometimes the more we try Mossis, and some regards with lack of depth, it's like a few years ago when we had seven offensive linemen. Those guys got all the reps and it helped them, so sometimes not having all those receivers has forced other guys to step up and it's maybe given us coaches a confidence level that we can do more."

Quarterback Sam Bradford said he's impressed with Madu's performance in the slot so far.

"I like it," Bradford said. "I think as many touches as we can get Mossis a game, it's good for our offense because he's explosive with the ball. He's dangerous when he gets it in his hands. You know, he's got really good hands, so putting him out there at receiver, it's really not that big of a deal for us."

Even with him working in the slot, Wilson said Madu hasn't deserted his other position.

"He's not technically away from the back [position]," Wilson said. "He still does a lot of back things."

And Wilson said the depth at positions like running back is certainly a positive.

"In some ways, the second or third tight end or the second or third running back is maybe as good or better as [being] the second or third receiver. That's getting the best players on the field when we had Jermaine, Joe Jon and Brody, we weren't trying to be fancy. Those are just three good players. [We were just trying to] get them on the field.

And that's what's currently ongoing in the Sooner backfield, with Murray, Brown and Madu.

"Some of that is going on right now because the running back [situation], and the tight end position is one of the more experienced, more well-rounded positions on the team."

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