Griffin's Bodyslam...

OU head coach Jeff Capel believes that there is no room for wrestling in the game of college basketball.

Star sophomore forward Blake Griffin has continually taken blows this season.

Early in the season, he was flagrantly fouled by USC forward Leonard Washington in the Sooners' 73-72 December 4 victory.

Then, he was bloodied up in a game against Rice three weeks later.

But the most notable blows to Griffin have come in recent weeks.

He suffered several shots to the face against Texas , ultimately sidelining him with a concussion for the rest of that game and a Monday contest two days later against Kansas , both games the Sooners dropped.

Then, in the Big 12 Tournament, Oklahoma State 's Marshall Moses took a cheap shot at Griffin and was tagged with a technical foul.

It was capped off Thursday night in the opening round of the 2009 NCAA Tournament when Morgan State forward Ameer Ali locked arms with Griffin and flipped him to the ground in a dangerous body slam that could have seriously injured Griffin .

OU head coach Jeff Capel fumed Friday afternoon over the incident.

"It was awful," Capel said. "Blake was very fortunate, very, very fortunate. After I left here last night, [I] went back to the locker room. I had the TV on. They showed it. [That] just made me even more angry. That doesn't need to be in our game. I'm talking about college basketball, plays like that."

Capel said it could have a serious impact on college basketball.

"One of the things that it could do is it could make the really elite players not want to be in college long for fear of getting hurt," Capel said.

And he said it's foreign from anything he saw during his playing career.

"I had an opportunity when I played to play against some elite players," Capel said. "I don't think they went through anything like that. I don't recall [Tim] Duncan getting hit like that or taken down like that, or [Antawn] Jamison or [Stephon] Marbury or those guys."

And that justifies his thoughts about the incident.

"There's no place for that in our game, and it's just frustrating to see it happen to a kid who's everything right about college basketball," Capel said. "I was probably more frustrated after I saw it last night."

As for Griffin , he said he hasn't taken another look at what happened.

"I mean, I haven't seen photos or anything of that," Griffin said. "My reaction is still the same as last night—pretty much we got tangled up. He took it a little personally. So, I mean, I don't think he was really trying to hurt me or anything like that. I think he just kind of got caught up in the heat of the moment and things happen."

And apparently there are no lasting effects from the flip.

"[There's] just a little soreness," Griffin said. "That's about it, nothing unusual."

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