Sooners not Stuck on BCS Loss...

It's like coming into a film session early in the morning after a devastating loss. It's possible there would be some hangover and frustration around.

But the Sooners aren't showing any signs of that after their 24-14 National Championship loss against Florida in the early stages of the off-season.

"Obviously, we could have been disappointed and got down on ourselves and not really worked that hard, but I felt like everyone took it to heart that we want to get back to that game," said quarterback Sam Bradford. "And we know how hard we worked to get to that game last year, so I feel like this year the attitude has been really good."

Some of it might be from a new attitude in recent years.

"I can see that, yeah," Bradford said. "I think things definitely have changed especially since my first year, but I think obviously we're frustrated with the bowl losses, but I think this off-season, everyone had a great attitude coming back into it."

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy echoed Bradford's comments about the disappointment into the off-season.

"I think we finished the season I guess not necessarily on a good note because we didn't finish with a win," McCoy said.

But he also added there was something from that National Championship game that led to the Sooners' current positive attitude.

"You know, I think it kind of shows that we played hard," McCoy said. "I mean, we were missing a lot of guys in that game, too, so it kind of shows that we got some young guys that can step in. We can still compete. I'm happy with how we played. We could have played a lot better, but the game turned out how it did. But going into this new season, we're putting all the bowl stuff behind us and getting ready for the upcoming season."

And McCoy said the Sooners will use the loss as motivation for the next year to end it the right way, with a win.

"We saw how we finished, and we want to finish with a win," McCoy said. "We don't want to finish with a loss."

Wide receiver Adron Tennell said the Sooners are just trying to progress with that attitude every day.

"We are getting better each and every day," Tennell said. "Coaches are telling us stuff, [we're] learning new stuff to do and getting out there and showing what we can do."

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