Spring Interview: Bob Stoops

NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops caught up with the media after the Sooner first post spring break practice to discuss the status of the team.

Bob Stoops' comments on the first post spring break practice:

"Pretty good. It was all right. You know we've had a couple of days of lifting, so they were ready to go. Not bad."

Stoops' comments on the pre spring break scrimmage:

"Because we had to go indoors we couldn't actually have a full-scale scrimmage. We just moved the ball and did our best to simulate a scrimmage. Just getting a lot of guys snaps. The players that have been playing football still look good."

"The young guys that are coming along continue to make improvements. Sometimes it's sloppy and ugly. Other times they get and they look good. So that is why you are just snapping it as much as you can and they are making progress.

"I thought Landry last week before the break really started to come on and you could tell is starting getting more and more comfortable, which is good."

Stoops' comments on the impending winter weather forecast for the this weekend's practice and scrimmage:

"I don't know we will just play it by ear. We have our coaches clinic Friday, so if we need to we will go indoors and do everything the same and that is not a big deal seeing that it is only a practice."

"And Saturday if it is too bad to be outside we may have to go indoors and just simulate a scrimmage again and just not go full go. Just the walls are a little bit too tight and we just don't want to take a chance ever of giving a chance that someone might get hurt. So we just but up to every body like we do in practice and do our best to guestimate were the ball would be down and do our best that way."

Stoops' comments on why scrimmages are important:

"Mainly for the young guys. For the young players that haven't played at this level. The speed the tackling. It is one thing to be in the position to tackle it is another to make the tackle or to break the tackle or to take care of the ball, so you need to get some of it."

Stoops' comments on whether or not Jameel Owens and DeJuan Miller are practicing:

"Yeah they practiced. They are still a little bit injured. They need to get back they need to work."

Stoops' comments on the development of Lamar Harris:

"Doing well. I thought he looked good out there today and I thought he has come along pretty well.

"He just has a better feel and recognizes things better as you would expect. You could tell that he is getting more and more comfortable with the position and trusting what he sees and trusting his technique. He has made good strides that way technique wise and his understanding."

Stoops' comments on whether or not the freshman linebackers will contribute in '09, most specifically on special teams:

"It is too far out (to tell if they will contribute or not). They are doing well and I would expect to as long as they keep progressing like they have been. We'll see. We hope they will be able to."

Stoops' comments on Corey Wilson's recovery:

"(He is) making good progress. He continues to get stronger. I saw him this morning in his rehab and he continues to make good progress. They are hopeful he will be able to be released from the Thorpe rehab center and they are shooting for April 3rd. All indications are is that he is making great progress and they would expect him to be able to be released then, so we will see. But he makes steady progress and he has had a positive attitude with all of his work everyday."

Stoops' comments on the success of the hoops programs:

"Just want to wish them the best of Luck. Coach (Sherrie) Coale and her staff and all of the ladies and of course Jeff (Capel) and the basketball team and their whole staff. They have played great abd they really look like they are playing at a great level right now. I wish we weren't practicing right now so I could get to go to some of the games, but anyway we are all excited for them and are hoping they have a great tournament."

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