Five-star QB checking out everybody

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is holding steady as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we take a look at, five-star quarterback Blake Bell for Bishop Carroll Catholic in Kansas. He has a busy spring lined up. Check out what he has going on in this SI update.

While some athletes look over their offer list and simply eliminate immediately, Bishop Carroll Catholic (KS) quarterback Blake Bell has an entirely different approach. It seems like Bell will give ample opportunity to a good number of the 23 programs that have offered him to date.

And judging by his schedule, the 6-foot-6, 218-pound Bell will rack up plenty of frequent flyer miles and road trip hours.

"I think I am up to 22 or 23 offers right now. But, I have started my spring tours and plan to go to a lot of colleges," Bell said. "I tell people all of the time, that going through this process is an honor to be recognized like this. Especially since I came into my junior year fairly clueless about the (quarterback) position."

As a sophomore, Bell was a wide receiver and excelled at the position knowing all there was to know. But with that knowledge and moving to the signal caller spot, it helped Bell work with his teammates on route running.

Now, Bell is not only picking up the quarterback position, but has made a name for himself and is a five-star quarterback on But Bell has not allowed any of that to cloud his focus.

"We (the Bishop Carroll team) put in a lot of work through the summers and off season so I am looking forward to having a great senior season."

And maybe that is one of many reasons to visit as many schools as possible during the spring to have a better idea about where he wants to be. Of course, there are no favorites, leaders, or Top five or 10. 

Getting back to the college tour, Bell made a stop through the Lone Star State this past weekend and took in the Texas A&M program.

"We flew in on Saturday and got to campus and met the coaches," Bell said. "Sunday we got the chance to check out practice. I have a cousin who attends (A&M) and has wanted me to come down there for some time, so he showed us around everywhere. I liked the campus and the coaches were nice too. They (Aggie coaches) worked well together out there on the field.

"I got a great feel for everything while I was there."

Next on the list is Oklahoma and he is set to touch down in Norman on Thursday. 

"I just got off the phone with coach (Josh) Heupel a few hours ago. I was just confirming the trip for Thursday and let them know for sure that I am coming down," Bell said. "I talk with him (Heupel) about once a week."

Bell said that he and Heupel have a good connection, which is one of many reasons for making the trip. With Oklahoma, and any other school for that matter, Bell is looking for a good relationship with not on the head coach, but position coach.

And not that he does not value the role of the head man, but Bell sees the position coach as an integral part of the big picture in his development.

"I want a (head) coach who is laid back off the field, but fired when it's time to go," Bell said. "And I feel like having a good head coach is great, but it is your position coach who you will spend most of your time with. He is the one who will work with you everyday and a good relationship with him is a good start. I am looking for a coach who will teach me because I have not been at this (quarterback) position for a long time."

Bell has already met all of the coaches on the Sooner staff, but now wants to see coaching styles up-front and in person, especially the man who would be coaching him if he ends up in Norman.

"I have heard nothing but great things about coach Heupel," Bell said. "But that is what I want to come down and see him coach live. He and have a good relationship and we talk about everything, school, life, and family. It's not just about football. I'm excited to come and check it out."

This will not be the first time bell was in Norman as he attended both the Kansas and Texas Tech games as well. After the Oklahoma visit, Bell has stated that Missouri, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Notre Dame are schools that will likely be stops on the tour.

"I don't not have a preference on conferences, so I want to get a feel of both the Big 12 and the SEC," Bell said. "I want to get a feel for the coaches, players, and just see what they are about."

As a junior in his first year at quarterback, Bell threw for 3,200 yards and 38 touchdowns. He also ran for more than 300 yards and had 12 rushing touchdowns.

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