Owens Back in the Mix After Freak Injury

Wide receiver Jameel Owens has had a little bit of bad luck recently, as he suffered a somewhat freak injury.

"It's my right [ankle I injured]," Owens said. "We were doing 7-on-7, and we had went to our 1-on-1s, and it was the last play on 1-on-1s, and I had stepped on the football and rolled my ankle real bad."

And those types of injuries take awhile to heal.

"Yeah, [it's bothered me] for a long time," Owens said. "It's still sore, but, you know, I got to get out there and participate."

But he is motivated to get better and back in the flow, starting in the offseason.

"Springtime is the time to get better and get my technique down and everything, but it's a little bit sore, but I just got to fight through it," Owens said.

One of the biggest challenges will be standing out as one of the go-to receivers, or just becoming one that's a reliable target for quarterback Sam Bradford.

"Yeah, I mean, we got to go through the summer," Owens said. "I'm going to gain [ Bradford 's] trust, try to do my best to gain his trust in the rest of this spring ball and during the summer when we go 7-on-7, so I just got to go out there and compete and get Sam's trust and gain his trust."

Owens, despite being at a possible disadvantage as far as reps compared to the rest of the receiving corps, said he is also ready for that challenge.

"Yeah, it's gonna be real tough to come back," Owens said. "You know, everybody's gonna be two or three weeks ahead of me anyways because I sat out, so it's big for me to get out there and do a little bit, do what I can to get out there and experience the spring ball and get my technique down and learn all the plays and get Sam's trust and everything like that, so I need to be out there."

One of the players Owens will be competing against for playing time next season is friend and fellow wide receiver Dejuan Miller.

"Yeah, I mean, we don't want to lose snaps to each other, but once you step out on the field, you got to realize it's game time," Owens said. "So, on the field, he's still my boy, but I'm trying to get that time just like he's trying to get that time, but it's no hard feelings though."

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