SI Spring Game Co-MVP's

NORMAN, Okla. – Frank Alexander and Dom Franks led the defensive charge in Saturday's Red-White game to help the defense (White) to a 63-36 victory over the offense.

In all rights the defense should have won the Spring Game on Saturday. They had the most experience and the least amount of injuries.

Pretty much all of the key players like Travis Lewis, Brian Jackson, Gerald McCoy, and Jeremy Beal received plenty of snaps, but it was Dom Franks and Frank Alexander that stole the show.

On Saturday, Dom Franks collected two interceptions on the back of a '08 performance where he pulled down three.

After those two performances Franks said he wishes every weekend was the Red-White game.

"I love the Red-White game," Franks exclaimed! "They throw me a couple of balls and I get the chance to get my hands on them."

"I just credit the d-line and the linebackers. They were getting great pressure on the quarterback and the quarterback was not really knowing where he wanted to throw the ball, so when he backed up he would just throw it to not get sacked and I would be able to make a lay on the ball."

After an extended time in the OU program Franks has come to believe the mental game part of the game what separates a good player from a great player.

"It is just now being more comfortable (for me)," began Franks. "When the receiver gives you a certain split it automatically eliminates some routes and you can know what he is running, so when the quarterback is looking you can be looking for the ball."

"Nowadays everybody who is playing college football is great players. So it is who is getting the film work on their technique and come out and use it on the field."

Frank Alexander stepped up in a major way at the end of the 2008 season to show that he was a player that would be vying for even more playing time in '09, and he proved his point with a huge game on Saturday.

He was always in the backfield and was terrorizing the offensive tackles ad the quarterbacks and racked up at least three sacks.

"I just wanted to get off of the ball," Franks said of his goal coming in the Red-White Game.

"First off I want to give thanks to God and then I want to give thanks to my back seven because without them I could not have gotten them sacks. The DB's and linebackers stepped up and made a way for me to get those. It was a very big step up (for me). I just want to thank god, because without him I would not been able to do all that."

"The confidence level is up (for me). I just feel like I have been doing my thing for awhile now and I am just being sure of myself and believing and knowing that I can do it."

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