Trice feels the "Brotherhood" with '09 class

Bringing the Oklahoma fans the latest in Sooner news is what we aim to do. While recruiting coverage still goes on here at SoonersIllustrated, we also like to keep you in the loop with team news. Today, we bring you an in-depth feature with Mesquite's Marcus Trice. Check him out in this SI update.

After athletes sign their letters of intent, momentum usually builds up as they wait to step foot at their schools of choice. For someone like Mesquite (TX) defensive back Marcus Trice, any opportunity to get with your teammates is a good one. 

Last week Trice and a number of other signees, commits, and prospects took in the Oklahoma spring game to check things out. And while Trice was checking out how is future team performed in their final spring practice setting, he also got a good chance to catch up with the boys.

"It was exciting being at the game. Seeing the defense out there doing their thing made me feel real good," Trice said. "Of course, it was always good catching up with all the guys (2009 signing class). I get the same feeling everytime I come to Norman, it's like a brotherhood. They rag on me a lot and call me ‘little man,' but it's all good."

But the title of "little man" may not be as appropriate as it once was. Since football season, Trice is weighing in at almost 190 pounds, meaning that he has put on almost an added 20 pounds since his last game as a Skeeter.

Of course, he has a plan in mind for when he is set to report on June 6.

"I have been grinding hard trying to get myself ready for college football," Trice said. "I am trying to come in and see if I can get some early playing time. I know it will be tough, but I will still put in the work. In the spring game, we only three cornerbacks played."

On the brotherhood side on things, Trice talked briefly about some of the guys he caught up with. And while he was kicking with his teammates, he was also trying to see about getting a few more.

"Me and JMillz (Jonathan Miller) got real close throughout the process. He is going to be my roommate when we get up there," Trice said. "It was also good to see Boss (Kevin Brent). I got to talk Tom Wort, Jaydan Bird, and Ronnell Lewis too. With some of the new guys, I was talking to Kyle Prater, Blake Bell, and Corey Nelson about the (Oklahoma) program. "

Speaking of the freshman Oklahoma linebackers, Wort, Bird, and Lewis, all saw significant time on the spring game. As the repetitions during the game went on, Trice took notice to how guys in his signing class are faring on the college level.

And everything seems to be checking out fine.

"I was excited to Ronnell (Lewis) in on a lot of plays. Tom (Wort) had a couple of big hits too," Trice said. "(Quarterback) Drew Allen threw some good balls too. He had a couple of bad ones, but I think he looked real good overall."

All in all, Trice is excited to be a part of the Sooner tradition and continue building on the success of the program.

And it is evident that all who are in his signing class fell the same.

"We are all looking forward to coming down and being a part of the camaraderie. We all talk about OU when we get around each other," Trice said. "If you look at our class, we have a lot of football players, I mean football players. Of course, when you look at our headliners, JMac (Jamarkus McFarland) and Gabe Lynn, those guys are really good, the best. But even when you look at the rest of us, when you look at their film, you know they can ball. And they know the game.

"That will help us and we are already starting to build that team chemistry now. I have no doubt that when each of us get here, we are all going to do our jobs."

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