Ikard ready for new role at Oklahoma

Bringing the Oklahoma fans the latest in Sooner news is what we aim to do. While recruiting coverage still goes on here at SoonersIllustrated, we also like to keep you in the loop with team news. Today, we bring you an in-depth feature with Bishop McGuiness' Gabe Ikard. Check him out in this SI update.

To have a complete football team, it is usually comprised of many different key components. While some players will be superstars and gather plenty of limelight, others will simply play a significant role as a contributor.

And as it stands right now, the second concept of the two listed is about how Bishop McGuiness and 2009 Oklahoma signee Gabe Ikard feels. 

"I'm ready and prepared to come to Oklahoma and be a role guy," Ikard said. "I won't come in and be a Jermaine Gresham type player who catches 50-60 passes. I am the guy who will block and watch guys run touchdowns and won't complain. I just want to help the program. No ego with me, I just want what is best for the team."

Last weekend, Ikard made the 25-mile trip to Norman to check out the Sooner spring game. And while it is always great to check out your future home once again, meeting up with soon-to-be teammates is always a plus. 

Also, Ikard got the chance to fine-tune some things he had already been studying.

"There is an advantage to living 25 miles from here. I have been able to attend several practices," Ikard said. "Being here so much has allowed me to be able to pick up on some of the offensive signals. It's a little complex, but I think that I have picked a lot of it up. As for the game, it was good being able to see a lot of these guys.

"I talked with a lot of guys, including Marshall Musil and Tyler Evans. There were a few juniors I talked to as well. Xavier Grimble and I talked about some of the advantages of Oklahoma. You want to make sure and keep good guys coming in."

And with a strong emphasis on "good guys," Ikard is one to quickly point of the not on the talent, but quality of the 2009 Oklahoma football class.

"We have a bunch of guys who will come in and work. Good, quality guys in a positive light," Ikard said. "And, these guys can play football. I mean, look at a guy like (linebacker) Tom Wort, you can tell he will be a star. But, that's what our class has: stars and role players. It's all about team and doing what needs to happen to win.

"I have loved Oklahoma for a long time and will do whatever for the program."

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