A little (un) known fact about Jones

Recruiting coverage at SoonersIllustrated is holding steady as we look to bring fans the latest in Oklahoma recruiting news. Today, we take a look at Scout.com, five-star running back Malcolm Jones from Oaks Christian in California. What the latest going on? Check it out in this SI update.

In most cases when an athlete has the label of 4-or-5 star attached to their name, there is not too many programs in the country that will not offer. But when it comes to Oaks Christian running back Malcolm Jones, the offers are not pouring in like others on his talent level.

"I think that a lot of schools do not offer me because they don't feel like they have a shot. That is what the coaches told my high school coach," Jones, who is ranked No. 3 back in the country by Scout.com, said. "The (college) coaches do not feel like I will leave the state of California. But me, I'm down to go anywhere."

The 6-foot, 217-pound Jones said that he is "surprised" that more offers have not been coming in. Most of the times, a 5-star athlete cannot even recall all of the offers they hold, but Jones did.

In fact, it was fairly easy because there are only seven total.

"USC, UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and most recently, Oklahoma," Jones said. "Right college coaches don't know that I am open to go out of state and I want them to know that."

But with Jones' recent offer from the Sooners, a level of excitement set in. It too was a bit of a surprise as Jones said that he had not heard from Oklahoma much up until last Monday. Because of his, what some call, short list of offers, Jones sent out quite a few tapes to drum up more interest for himself.

And of all he sent out, it was Oklahoma that stepped up first.

"I had sent out a bunch of film and it made me feel good that Oklahoma was the first to respond," Jones said. "Coach (Cale) Gundy called me and told me that they liked my film and that they (Oklahoma) were losing two starters next year and will need more backs. He asked me if I would have a problem leaving California to play ball and I told him No.

"Then, he offered me a scholarship."

Jones followed up with the conversation.

"Coach Gundy said he liked the fact that I was a downhill runner. He told me that that is what Oklahoma needs, power runners," Jones said.

And Jones sees himself as a complete back. He used the terms "good vision, hands, and feet." Basically, he said that he has all the essentials. 

Up to this point, Jones has visited the campuses of Stanford, UCLA, and USC. He had not booked a trip to Norman at the time, but said that he would like to get down there sometime during the summer and check things out.

Of course, Jones was quite adamant about being open to schools beyond the borders of his home state. In this interview, Jones did not come out and talk any favorites. But he said that there are assumptions floating around out there that he would like to see put to rest.

"A lot of people think that I am a lock to go to USC," Jones said. "I think it is because I have a brother (Marshall Jones) who goes there so they assume that I am fully committed to SC. People think that I am a lock for going there, but that is not the case."

Jones is looking to make a decision on a program by the summer. In his junior season at Oaks Christian, he rushed for 1,500 yards and 26 touchdowns. He also had 500 yards receiving and added another six touchdowns.

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