RECRUITING: Big time OL set to visit Norman

Former Ohio State signee Derek Morris talks recruiting and about his close tie to OU


JH: Are you enjoying your second round of recruiting?

DM: "It has been the same old stuff with everybody telling you they love you and all the garbage. It's just the same old recruiting and nothing has really changed with it."

JH: You sound like you are tired of recruiting?

DM: "It gets sickening after a while. I am ready to go to school."

JH: Did you eventually get your grades when you originally signed with Ohio State?

DM: "I got my test scores the second day of school when I was at Ohio State, which was on September 26th. We ran into some problems there and I had to leave, which has been tough, but we have been working through some things. I really wanted things to work out at Ohio State, but that is life and I have to move on."

JH: Since you didn't play this year what are you doing to stay in shape?

DM: "I have a personal trainer and I usually run a mile and a half everyday. I haven't done anything for a week or so through the holidays, but I will get back at it this week. I basically train just like I was playing football."

JH: What have you been doing this semester?

DM: "I have just been looking at some schools and talking to some coaches."

JH: What is the latest with you in recruiting?

DM: "I like North Carolina State and Oklahoma and that is about it. I also like Miami, but I am not sure what is going on there. I also like Georgia and I am still considering them very heavy. That is where I should have gone the first time and I may be getting in touch with them soon. I am also considering Oklahoma a great deal because they are the Big 12 Champs and Coach (Bob) Stoops is from down south. I really like what they are doing with their offense and they are really developing a running game."

JH: Did you consider OU the first time around in recruiting?

DM: "At the Shrine Bowl last year OU came pretty late and I had already read about them and watched them play. That is why I didn't go there, but one my best friends (JeJuan Rankins) signed with them and he loves it at OU. He got homesick at first, but I think right now he is in a very comfortable stage. I talk with him almost every day."

JH: Are you an offensive guard or tackle?

DM: "I am an offensive tackle."

JH: Do you have a leader at this point?

DM: "Not really. I don't want to put nobody out there because I am not really into that stuff."

JH: Did you really bench press 500 pounds? What is your vertical jump?

DM: "I did 500 for a single bench press. My dad said I could have done two more reps, but I didn't try it because it was the first time I tried it. I also have a 36 1⁄2 vertical jump."

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